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  • Magpul MS4® Dual QD Sling GEN2 Magpul MS4® Dual QD Sling GEN2 2 Magpul MS4® Dual QD Sling GEN2 3 Magpul MS4® Dual QD Sling GEN2 4 Magpul MS4® Dual QD Sling GEN2 5

    Magpul® MS4 Dual QD Sling GEN2

    Magpul's famous Multi-Mission Sling, now with QD studs. The MS3 sling is a kick-ass strap for any tactical rifle or PDW. Except Magpul likes to cater to all rifles, and snap-hooks aren't for everybody. So, they took the MS3, slapped on some quality QD...

  • Magpul® MS4 QDM Sling - Black Magpul® MS4 QDM Sling - Black 2 Magpul® MS4 QDM Sling - Black 3 Magpul® MS4 QDM Sling - Black 4 Magpul® MS4 QDM Sling - Black 5

    Magpul® MS4 QDM Sling

    Magpul’s MS4, Equipped with the Toughest QD Studs on the Market The MS4 sling, paired with Magpul’s upgraded QD swivel studs (their QDM mounts), provides arguably the best one-point and two-point sling in a single package. The QDM sling...

  • Magpul MS3 Sling GEN2 - Black Magpul MS3 Sling GEN2 - Black 2 Magpul MS3 Sling GEN2 - Black 3 Magpul MS3 Sling GEN2 - Black 4 Magpul MS3 Sling GEN2 - Black 5

    Magpul® MS3 Sling GEN2

    Is it a single-point sling? Two-point? Simple? Yes. Magpul doesn't screw around with flashy, "tacticool" slings. A sling is a functional piece of equipment that should get you to a quick high-ready to assist with some well-placed shots. That's why the...

  • Magpul® MS1 QDM Sling - Black Magpul® MS1 QDM Sling - Black 2 Magpul® MS1 QDM Sling - Black 3 Magpul® MS1 QDM Sling - Black 4 Magpul® MS1 QDM Sling - Black 5

    Magpul® MS1 QDM Sling

    Grab the MS1 Sling with Magpul's upgraded QDM studs. The MS1 is one of the best rifle slings available. It provides quick adjustment for any two-point attachment setups, and it's made from strong nylon webbing that's comfortable and easy to adjust. So,...

  • Magpul MS1® Sling - Black Magpul MS1® Sling - Black 2 Magpul MS1® Sling - Black 3 Magpul MS1® Sling - Black 4 Magpul MS1® Sling - Black 5

    Magpul® MS1 Sling

    Magpul's original sling. What more do you need? Magpul's MS1 Sling went through a literal gauntlet before making it to market: Tens of thousands of rounds downrange in mud, rain, snow, ice, desert heat, sand, static load testing, para jumps. You name it...

  • Magpul®  RLS Sling - Black Magpul®  RLS Sling - Black 2 Magpul®  RLS Sling - Black 3 Magpul®  RLS Sling - Black 4 Magpul® RLS Sling - Black 5

    Magpul® RLS Sling

    The Magpul RLS: You want absolute simple. You got it. The Magpul RLS (Rifleman Loop Sling) is, arguably, the simplest rifle sling on the market -- with a great trick up its webbing. At glance, the RLS Sling is lightweight, stupid cheap, utterly reliable,...

  • Allen Glen Eagle BakTrak Solo Sling

    Allen Glen Eagle BakTrak Solo Sling

    For when you absolutely need a quiet, thick sling. This sling is wide. It's quiet as Hell, too. That's because the star of show is a massive, soft molded rubber tread grip that'll latch onto your shoulder like a quiet ninja and it'll never let go. It's...

  • Allen Yukon Rifle Sling

    Allen Yukon Rifle Sling

    Neoprene ain't just for scuba diving. Allen's Yukon Neoprene Sling is a great all-weather tactical rifle sling, perfect for the hunt. Donned in Mossy Oak Break-Up and sporting four extra cartridge loops, it's the perfect companion for your favorite bolt...

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The Oldest and Most Reliable Setup Ever

The 2-pointer is the most popular type of setup for a few reasons. It’s comfortable and easy to use, ambidextrous, and comes with an adjustable stabilizing strap that improves recoil control, stabilizes your muzzle, and ultimately improves accuracy without adding a bulky bipod or more weight to your equipment.


Tactical and Outdoor Two-Point Rifle Slings

The 2-point gun slings provide a universally easy way to carry any long firearm, but not all serve the same purpose. That’s why we’re working with two of the top rifle sling companies in the market—Allen Company and Magpul—to provide both tactical shooters and outdoorsmen with the proper setup for all long guns.


If you’re invested in the ultimate setup or you’re working a three-gun competition, you need a 2-point sling that’s high-speed and low-drag; Magpul’s MS and RLS series are the perfect candidates. If you’re stalking that prize buck or bird and you need something comfortable, padded, and quiet, check out Allen’s selection; their Eagle BakTrak, Yukon, and Endura are designed for hunters.


Easily Convert to Single-Point Slings

The 2-pointers are jacks of all trades. In addition to providing a stabilizing hold for accuracy, your average two-pointer can be easily converted into a single-point setup for an even easier tactical carry. You just have to grab the appropriate adapter and mount for your firearm and connect them to your new single mount. We have a large selection of QD swivels and studs, hooks, and other mounts and adapters that will work with any 1.25-inch nylon web.


Compatible with Paraclips, QD, QDM, Swivel Studs, and More

Your sling is only as effective as the buckle and mount you secure it with. At Range Often, we have sourced a huge variety of compatible mounts that work with all the Allen and Magpul gear you will find here. Choose quick-detach and locking paraclips, rail or wood-stock adapters, and studs. Options are available for rail-mounted tactical rifles and wood-stocked bolt guns.


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