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2-Point Sling

2-Point Sling

The oldest and most reliable sling setup ever.

The two-point sling is the most popular type of sling setup for a few reasons. It's comfortable and easy to use, it's ambidextrous, and when adjusted correctly, it provides the shooter with a stabilizing strap that improves recoil control, stabilize your muzzle, and ultimately improves accuracy without adding a bulky bipod or other equipment to your rifle.

 Tactical and outdoor two-point slings

The two-point sling setup provides a universally easy way to carry any rifle or shotgun. But not all two-point slings serve the same purpose. That's why we're working with two of the top sling companies in the market - Allen Company and Magpul - to provide both tactical shooters and outdoorsman with the proper sling setup for all long guns.

If you're invested in the ultimate black rifle setup or you're working a three-gun competition, you need a two-point sling that's high-speed and low-drag: Magpul's MS and RLS sling series are the perfect candidates. If you're stalking that prize buck or bird and you need something comfortable, padded, and quiet, check out Allen's selection. Their Eagle BakTrak, Yukon, and Endura slings are designed for hunters.

Easily convert your two-point sling to a single-point

The two-point sling's a jack of all trades. In addition to providing a stabilizing sling hold for accuracy, your average two-pointer can be easily converted into a single-point setup for even easier tactical carry. Just grab the appropriate adapter and mount for your rifle or shotgun, and connect your sling to your new one-point mount. We've got loads of QD swivels and studs, hooks, and other mounts and adapters that fit all 1.25" nylon web slings.

Compatible with Paraclips, QD, QDM, swivel studs and more

Your sling is only as effective as the fasteners and mounts you secure it with. We've sourced a huge variety of compatible sling mounts that work with all the Allen and Magpul slings you'll find here. Choose quick-detach and locking paraclips, or rail or wood stock adapters and studs. Options are available for railed tactical rifles and wood-stocked bolt guns.


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