Allen® Tactical Gun Sock - 42”

(You save $3.00 )


Let’s be honest, you put a lot of time and dollars into your rifle. Your rifle is your masterpiece that has been refined over years of iteration and experience. From an engineering perspective, it is a piece of mastery as each millimeter is absolutely precise. While the rifle is designed to endure some of the most strenuous conditions, it is wise for one to provide an extra layer of protection along the way.

The 42” Allen® Tactical Gun Sock is the layer of protection your rifles are missing. It protects against corrosions, rust and pitting. It will also shield the exterior of your rifle during storage or transport. With a minor investment into a gun sock, you can defend your rifle from rust, scratches, dings and dents.

Additional Specs

  • Color - Black
  • 42” length will fit non-scoped and scoped rifles
  • Silicone-treated to prevent moisture
  • Cinch-closure system for increased protection