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    Allen® Tactical Gun Sock - 42” Allen® Tactical Gun Sock - 47”

    Allen® Tactical Gun Sock

    Let’s be honest, you put a lot of time and dollars into your rifle. Your rifle is your masterpiece that has been refined over years of iteration and experience. From an engineering perspective,...

    Was: $11.99
    Now: $9.99
  • Allen Standard Rifle Sling - Black

    Allen Endura Rifle Sling

    One of the most affordable comfortable slings you'll grab. Allen's Padded Rifle Sling is one helluva lil' sling for around the $20 mark: It's made from rugged Endura fabric - both water-resistant and...

  • Allen Glen Eagle BakTrak Solo Sling

    Allen Glen Eagle BakTrak Solo Sling

    For when you absolutely need a quiet, thick sling. This sling is wide. It's quiet as Hell, too. That's because the star of show is a massive, soft molded rubber tread grip that'll latch onto your...

  • Allen Magnum Swivel Set - 1.25"

    Allen Magnum Swivel Set - 1.25"

    Reinforced QD swivels, for those heavy, big-bore guns. Sling swivels are reliable, sure. But if you're rocking a .50, a Nitro Express, or a 10-gauge, you're probably going after something pretty big...

  • Allen Yukon Rifle Sling

    Allen Yukon Rifle Sling

    Neoprene ain't just for scuba diving. Allen's Yukon Neoprene Sling is a great all-weather tactical rifle sling, perfect for the hunt. Donned in Mossy Oak Break-Up and sporting four extra cartridge...


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