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  • Savior Equipment® Specialist Series Double Rifle Case (36") Savior Equipment® Specialist Series Double Rifle Case (36") 2 Savior Equipment® Specialist Series Double Rifle Case (36") 3 Savior Equipment® Specialist Series Double Rifle Case (36") 4 Savior Equipment® Specialist Series Double Rifle Case (36") 5

    Savior Equipment® Specialist Series Double Rifle Case (36")

    Most may think of you as some "gun nut" or "obsessed", and to a degree, they might have a point. However, that's just a side effect of having the heart and enthusiasm of a true shooter that they just don't understand. Luckily, Savior Equipment does and...

  • bulldog-tactical-single-rifle-case-43-4 bulldog-tactical-single-rifle-case-43-1 bulldog-tactical-single-rifle-case-43-2 bulldog-tactical-single-rifle-case-43-3 bulldog-tactical-single-rifle-case-43-5

    Bulldog Tactical Single Rifle Case - 43"

    You wanna get to the range to shoot some rifles, and you’ve done this enough to know that fumbling around with your gear takes away precious trigger time.  You’ve learned to be organized and efficient. Bulldog helps you get the most out...

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The team loves AR-15s, probably just as much as you do. We hit the ranges and game lands with our 5.56 shooters and AR-9s, but we found that many cases just don't pair up well with the AR. We pulled together all the best AR cases we could find and tested them out. The ones that passed are all available here with some pretty great sticker prices.


Those are just three of the many requirements we looked for in the AR cases we offer. We sourced plenty of soft and hard case options from big names like Plano, SKB, Voodoo Tactical, Pelican, and many others. The gun cases you'll find on here come with critical features, like IP67 rating, dry-lock seals and ambient pressure relief valves, reinforced latches, locking zippers and lids, and by-design dimensions made to fit the typical AR-15 (plus all the optics and accessories you threw on that upper).

Hard and Soft Tactical Rifle Case 

Want a rifle case you can really throw around without worrying about your rifles getting damaged inside? Check out the tough Boyt H-Series Travel Case. It protects guns from breaking and water damage, making it one of the perfect hard cases for travel and rugged terrain. It's sized up perfectly for any AR, reducing overall size and weight without sacrificing performance.

Prefer a range bag that is lighter and simpler? Allen Battalion's Tactical Rifle Case is the perfect choice. It has thick padding and plenty of protection for your AR, with large compartments for all your 30-round magazines. The padded handle and the lightweight but tough nylon shell make this a great soft gun case.


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