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Boyt H-Series (H36) Hard-Sided AR-15 Case Review

Boyt H-Series (H36) Hard-Sided AR-15 Case Review

Posted by on Mar 15th 2023

Pelican tends to reign supreme when it comes to hard gun cases, but the Boyt H-Series 36" Gun Case is a strong contender and with less sticker shock. Today we're reviewing this hard case in detail, checking out its features and what (if anything) it lacks for the black rifle owner. Let's go.

Boyt H-Series Case at a Glance

The H-Series of Boyt cases comprises various sizes, from single handgun cases up to 52" bench rifle cases. This is the H36, a top choice for the standard AR-15. At 36.5" in length, the H36 is perfectly sized up for the typical 16"-barreled black rifle equipped with a carbine buffer tube and adjustable buttstock. We like this case's first impression because of how deep it is, the quality of foam inside, and the travel wheels. More on that later.

Main Specs

  • Measures 36.5" x 13.5" x 4.5"
  • Stainless steel ball-bearing wheels
  • Powder-coated draw latches
  • Pressure release valve
  • Dust-proof O-ring
  • Steel hinge pins
  • Airline-approved
  • Locks on all sides

In-Depth Review

Exterior Shell and Padlocks

The shell of the Boyt Case is constructed from 120D no-break polypropolene. This is a similar material to Pelican Cases' shells. Copolymer like this affords high impact resistance and almost never cracks or breaks, yet Boyt took it a step further and included plenty of reinforcing spines and thick layers of polypropolene to enhance the case's overall ruggedness. 

We also like how the Boyt locks on all sides. Each side has two padlock holes for a total of six locking points to deter prying eyes and afford some real security while traveling or when in storage. The bottoms of the lid's pin housings are also reinforced and shaped to allow the case to stand upright. A small touch of convenience and protection.

Lid Latches

The latches boast some beefy features, too. Each latch is made entirely from stainless steel and is powder-coated. Each latch incorporates large bolts and screws to secure to the lid. The wing nut provides a tight clamp under weight. 

Pressure-Relief Valve and Molded Handle

The Boyt Case is rated for airline travel. A pressure relief valve allows the case to equalize pressure at altitude, preventing the lid or seals from collapsing or blowing out. The handle is made of the same polypropolene and is molded and sanded for a comfortable grip. You can also spy the stainless steel pins used to secure the handle and lid.

Full-Length O-Ring Seal

Popping open the draw latches reveals the innards. Starting at the edge, we get a full-length O-ring that seals the two lids once the case is closed up. This seal provides excellent protection against water, moisture, dust, sand, and anything else you throw at it. We weren't able to perform any "dunk" tests to determine if the case is waterproof, but it stood up to a good blast from a pressure washer. 

Customizable and Egg Crate Foam

Inside, the Boyt provides a lot of padding for your tactical rifle and gear. The egg crate provides plenty of compression while the softer solid foam can be easily cut to shape for your rifle, optic, and magazines or other equipment. We like how deep the case and foam are, too. With 4.5" of clearance, things like wide stocks, handguard-mounted accessories, large scopes, and the forward assist all have enough space and cushion from impact.

Pros and Cons

The Boyt Hard AR-15 Case is a great alternative to other, more expensive hard cases that provide similar features and materials. This case comes packing a lot of specs you'd only find on something like a Pelican: Large, stainless-steel pins, powder-coated latches, thick polypropylene, a burly O-ring seal, pressure valve, reinforced handle, and thick foam make the Boyt H36 an awesome travel case for your black rifle. We would've liked to see the bottom foam come pre-cut or scored at two levels to make customizing and fitment easier (and to be able to re-shape the interior later), but it's a minor detail that can be remedied by buying other foam fill. 

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