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EXPLORER Tactical Range Ready Bag Review

Posted by on May 15th 2020

EXPLORER Tactical Range Ready Bag Review

EXPLORER Tactical's Range Ready Bag is a big ole' container for your ammo, guns, and gear. Endless compartments and pouches wrap around this thing, with a massive interior compartment. Let's take a closer look at this range bag and see if it's a good fit.

EXPLORER Tactical Bag at a Glance

At first glance, the EXPLORER Bag is a mammoth compared to most other range bags. It's nearly a perfect cube where most others are long and thing. That provides some deep pockets for storing the big gear you normally can't pack away. We're talking about your sighting scopes, full-frame handguns, and 50- or 100-round boxes of ammo.

Main Features

  • Large 21-liter (1,281 cubic-inch) compartment
  • Main compartment dimensions: 12"x 12" x 9"
  • Padded, adjustable velcro separator for compartment
  • Fourteen total compartments available for storage
  • Padded pouches for storing handguns throughout
  • 600D Cordura (ballistic nylon) shell and straps
  • Rubberized pads prevents fraying and tearing
  • Rigid bottom keeps bag's shape when full.

In-Depth Look

Main and Side Compartments

The main compartment's obviously the star of the show: With almost 1,300 cubic inches of space to play with, it's a "throw-it-all-in-and-go" type of bag for long shooting sessions or a weekend trip. Side pouches also provide additional storage on either way for any other gear or ammo you can't fit inside the main. Yet EXPLORER keeps things organized: The main space comes lined with padding on the sides and bottom, and the interior's lined with rows of hook-and-loop fastener.

Two thick, padded separators can be moved and adjusted to your liking to protect less "rugged" gear like shooting muffs and optics, or you can just remove 'em and throw thousands of rounds of ammo and dozens of magazines inside. Or, make a thin middle row that provides easy storage for more handguns. Your choice.

Pistol and Pistol Magazine Storage

The EXPLORER Bag keeps the theme going as we move from the main compartment to the other pockets. The front-side pouch provides ample storage for up to seven double-stack or fourteen single-stack magazines. A very thick padded pistol pouch can also hold any full-size semiauto or revolver. You can easily fit more handguns and magazines in this compartment than it was designed to carry, too. The pistol pouch can fit two semiautos, and the space between the pistol pouch and magazine pouches can squeeze a few extra stick bullet sticks. On the opposite side, the same compartment is redesigned to instead hold up to four 30-round AR-type magazines. A second padded pistol pouch of the same size is included here, too. 

Carry Handle and Shoulder Straps

So, the EXPLORER Bag's capable of carrying a lot of weight. If you carry a full stack of magazines, fill each pistol pouch, and fill the main bag with the typical range gear, you can easily get the total weight up to 50 pounds or more. The EXPLORER Bag handles the weight quite well. Both the shoulder straps and carry handle straps feature reinforced stitching where they initially connect with the bag, and each strap continues through the bag itself, wrapping around the bottom-side. This helps the bag keep its shape under weight, in addition to the semi-rigid bottom and rubber pads underneath. 

Final Verdict

The EXPLORER Tactical Range Ready Bag is an excellent choice for the shooter who carries a ton of gear for extended shooting sessions or longer travel. It's one of the largest duffel-style range bags we've seen that doesn't come with storage for a rifle. The 600D ballistic nylon is tough as Hell, the compartments feature great organization, and the bag's built well enough to carry a lot of weight. We would've liked to see metal caribiners and metal connecting tabs for the shoulder straps, but the reinforced stitching is more than adequate.

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