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G.P.S. Medium Range Bag In-Depth Review

Posted by on May 14th 2020

G.P.S. Medium Range Bag In-Depth Review

Most G.P.S range bags are designed to be "all-in-one." They provide a larger carrying case for your handguns, ammo, and range gear. Maybe you want to keep your guns separate from your gear. Maybe you invested in a nice hard case for your rifles and pistols and just need an extra bag for the other stuff. We're reviewing a candidate to fill that spot, the G.P.S. Medium Range Bag.

G.P.S. Medium Range Bag

The Medium Range Bag from G.P.S. Tactical is one of their smallest carrying cases. But it's still capable of carrying hundreds of rounds and plenty of magazines alongside your ear pro, eye pro, targets, tacks, and everything else you'll need for a day at the range day.

Main Features

  • Exterior dimensions: 15” x 12” x 12”.
  • Main compartment measures: 11” x 8.5” x 8”.
  • Includes (5) magazine pouches for single- or double-stack handguns.
  • Reinforced "lift port" handles for carrying large amounts of ammo.
  • Padded shoulder strap and carry handle for shoulder or duffel carry.
  • Made of water-resistant 600D Cordura with reinforced stitching.
  • Removable spent shell casing trays for collecting spent brass.
  • Lockable zippers with 

Features Reviewed

Carry Handles and Straps

A big selling point of the GPS Medium Bag is its ability to hold a lot of weight while being easy to carry. The shoulder strap's padding is solid and comfortable, and the stitching is very well reinforced. Metal carabiner clips hold the removable shoulder strap to metal T-tabs which is also stitched and reinforced. clips for the shoulder strap allow the bag to rest vertically against your side with heavy weight. A small but important design element. The carry handle is also padded and features velcro to secure both handle straps together. The best part of the carry system, though, are the lift ports.

Rubber Lift Port Handle

These rubberized lift ports are what make the Medium Range Bag a great ammo buddy. The main compartment, measuring 11” x 8.5” x 8”, is large enough to hold a few hundred rounds of ammo, and all that weight adds up quick. The lift ports make lugging that weight around easier, and they help ensure your range bag has a long life -- no fraying and tearing at the seams under weight.

Main Compartment and Visual I.D. Pouches

Inside the main compartment you get water-resistant nylon lining with some padding underneath. The padding protects your gear and helps the bag keep its shape. Underneath the zipper lid you'll find three Visual I.D. compartments: One for eye pro, and two for earplugs. These labelled compartments are part of G.P.S. Tactical's bespoke storage system, which provides standardized and by-design storage pouches and compartments for specific types of shooting gear:

Included Visual I.D. Compartments

The Medium Range Bag includes the following compartments:

  • (1) Eye pro pouch
  • (2) Earplug pouches
  • (1) Ear muff pouch
  • (1) Binocular pouch
  • (1) Set of Target Straps
  • (1) tape and stapler pouch
  • (1) Key ring
  • (2) Ammo cups
  • Lockable zippers

Front Compartment and Pistol Mag Pouches

We were able to comfortably fit some 9mm double-stack and single-stack .45 ACP magazines in the five pistol magazine pouches. You also get two small loop straps for fitting a small can of lubricant or flashlight in here. The mesh is a nice tough, too. It prevents your compartments from getting filled with dirt and dust. The lid to this compartment includes a small interior flap for storing some tools or gear, like a cleaning rod or gloves.

Rear Compartment and Gun Parts "Tackle Box" 

The rear compartment is just another storage spot for whatever gear you can fit. It's perfect for consolidating all your tools and parts, and includes a small tackle box for your firearms' spares or small equipment, like cleaning rod heads and small brushes or patches.

Inside this compartment hides two small magnetic cups for securing spend brass. This is great for reloaders and helps keep hot brass off the bench.

Elastic Paper Target Straps

Last but not least, some elastic paper target straps accompany the exterior of the top compartment. This has been a great feature included on virtually at G.P.S. range bags. 

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