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The BOG Fieldpod Shooting Tripod Review

The BOG Fieldpod Shooting Tripod Review

Posted by on Sep 23rd 2022

When the adrenaline gets going on that hunt, a good shooting tripod can make the difference between a clean shot and a total miss. The BOG Fieldpod fits that bill, providing a lightweight aluminum frame that's easy to carry, with easy adjustments to dial in your muzzle and aim. Let's get a look at the Fieldpod.

The BOG Fieldpod Tripod at a glance

The Fieldpod's designed for shooting from a seated stance. It's designed primarily for use on a bench rest or in a hunting blind. The Fieldpod ships assembled and requires no tools for adjustment or use. Also included is a simple shoulder strap for hands-free carry.


  • Solid aluminum frame, rubber feet.
  • Adjustment knobs w/ steel fasteners.
  • Split frame for fitting box magazines.
  • Provides 360 degrees of rotation.
  • Individually adjustable legs.
  • Provides 20" up to 48" of height.
  • Weight: 5.0 pounds.

In-Depth Review

Split Frame and Adjustability

The Fieldpod's split frame rails allow for standard 30-round magazines and AR-type rifles to easily rest within the front and rear supports. 

The entire horizontal support is front-and-rear adjustable relative to the tripod base. The top-center adjustment knob must be loosened to allow for the split frame to slide back and forth in the base mount. This allows for shifting the center of gravity and obtaining better clearance for any box magazine and pistol grip.

The frame also provides vertical rotation and 360 degrees of horizontal rotation. Tension is provided on both axes by adjustment knobs that can be tightened or loosened. 

Horizontal Frame & Vertical Supports

At full extension, the support frame provide exactly 29" of length, measured from the rear buttstock support to the front barrel / handguard support.

To extend or shorten the length of the split frame, both of its clamps must be loosened, shown above, just behind the barrel / handguard support's adjustment knob. 

The front barrel / handguard support provides 5" of vertical travel, allowing the height of the muzzle relative to the frame to be adjusted for a more comfortable position. At full extension, the front support measures approximately 7" above the frame.

The front barrel / handguard support is molded from rubber, measuring approximately 4" in width. The support comfortably handles aluminum handguards and larger wood stocks found on typical bolt-action rifles.

The rear buttstock support measures approximately 2.5" deep and wide, though its rubber construction allows it to easily accommodate wider and taller stocks.

Support Legs

The support legs are spread and folded without any tools required. The center rod and each leg connector slide up and down to fold or extend the base for use. When opened, the legs measure approximately 10" across, with rubber foot pads for grip.

Each leg is individually adjustable, with two clamps and two extension rods within the tripod. 

At full extension, the tripod provides approximately 48" of height.

Shooter's thoughts: Who's this tripod for?

The BOG Fieldpod is small. Compared to other tripods and shooting sticks I've used, the Fieldpod is tiny. It's not meant to reliably handle something like, say, a .300 Win Mag, or a .338. It's obviously not indended for any standing position. But it's perfect for hunters who want an easy-to-carry and lightweight tripod for their deer gun or AR. It's also a great training aid for new and youth shooters. 

This tripod is perfect for seated shooting positions. I used it at my local outdoor public range, set at its minimum height, to get a better position on the low concrete benches at the firing line. It handled my .308 Savage and my SBR chambered in 300 BLK, shown above. It'll work quite well for any hunter who's seated in a blind for an extended period of time, who needs to keep his or her rifle at the high-ready position without getting fatigued.

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