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The Visual I.D. System™ by GPS Tactical

The Visual I.D. System™ by GPS Tactical

Posted by on Aug 6th 2020

G.P.S. Tactical developed a unique storage system to maximize carry capacity and space savings in each of their range bags and backpacks. The Visual I.D. System™ ditches the usual approach taken to designing range gear, unlike most other tactical equipment and storage systems. That is, simply creating generic pouches and compartments that provide moderate capability for all gear, yet are optimized for none. Shooting equipment and gear is heavy, and this approach to storage leads to unbalanced loads, unused spaced, and bags or containers that are too large or too small.

What Does Visual I.D. Do?

Visual I.D. takes into consideration all the types of shooting gear and other equipment you bring with you to the range or a shooting session: Gloves, ear and eye pro, magazines, targets, scopes or binoculars, brass containers, cleaning equipment, target tacks, tape. The list goes, you already know this.  Visual I.D. provides by-design compartments for all that equipment. Each pouch or compartment is made specifically for that piece of gear, sized, shaped, and configured accordingly. That translates into using just the right space for each piece of gear, resulting in a bag that's more compact yet spacious, lighter, and easier to carry.

Types of Compartments & Features

The Visual I.D. System comprises 23 types of compartments, storage solutions, and additional features. Each compartment is labelled with one of the above graphic icons, indicating what that compartment contains, or what it is intended to carry.

Available Storage Compartments

  • Shooting glasses
  • Cold storage
  • Tape & tacks
  • Ear plugs
  • Ear muffs
  • Cell phone
  • Binoculars
  • Tools
  • Gloves
  • Camera

Each of these storage compartments is sized according to the most popular or largest piece of equipment in that category. This ensures you can fit whatever type of shooting muffs, binos, or other equipment you have in the appropriate pocket.

Other Storage & Features

  • Magazine pouches
  • Lockable zippers
  • Flashlight sleeve
  • Multi-tool pouch
  • Key ring holder
  • Stowed rainfly
  • Lift port handles
  • Ammo/brass cups
  • Compass holder
  • Target straps
  • GPS holder

These additional storage components are typically found within larger compartments. For example, key rings and multi-tools or knife sleeves are typically found in the larger tool or glove compartment on each bag or pack. Rainflys are typically stored behind the shoulder straps in their own compartment.

Weapon Storage

Part of G.P.S. Tactical's "by-design" compartment storage caters to handguns, magazines, and ammo. With each Visual I.D.-equipped bag comes a storage solution for at least two of the three. Smaller GPS bags do not come with handgun compartments, but instead come with a large padded main compartment capable of fitting most handguns, in addition to other gear and equipment:

Removable Weapon Totes

These tote bags are contained within the primary carry system,  like the Tactical Backpack. These totes are removable, zippered, and can be carried alone or within their larger pack. Each tote comes with a padded compartment for semiautomatics or revolvers (up to a full-size) as well as mesh magazine pouches and space for a small ammo box or two.

Integrated Pistol Shelf

Alternatively, other bags come equipped with an integrated pistol shelf, cut for semiautomatics and constructed from dense foam. The shelf can hold up to four handguns, with magazine pouches usually located on either side.

Picking The Right Bag

Selecting the right range bag is easier with the Visual ID system. Each type of bag or pack will display the included compartments and storage pouches' set of graphic icons:

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