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BOG Aluminum Tripod - Deathgrip



The Deathgrip Tripod: For the absolutely most stable platform.

When you need to seriously lock down that muzzle for a prized trophy at 200 yards, the Deathgrip Tripod is the set of shooting sticks you should trust. Developed with a high-force clamp that'll secure any long gun hands-free, the Deathgrip provides pure performance on any terrain.

The Deathgrip is good at its job that it creates a good problem: Its stability and adjustability allow it to effectively kill any factors that would hinder shot placement, leaving accuracy downrange entirely up to you.

CNC'd from aluminum.

The Deathgrip is so solid because its made from billet aluminum. It's wicked rigid and capable of handling high weight and recoil. Individually adjustable legs provide a perfectly balanced platform in the standing, kneeling, or sitting positions.

Tilt & Pan Locks with steel or rubber feet.

Every chain in the link needs to be solid to provide a stable shooting platform like the Deathgrip. Locking pan, tilt, and leg angle adjustments help you easily dial in from any position, while solid rubber or spiked feet keep you planted on rock, sand, dirt, snow, mud, or even in the marsh and swamp.

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