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    bog-fieldpod-3 bog-fieldpod-1 bog-fieldpod-2 bog-fieldpod-4 bog-fieldpod-5

    BOG Fieldpod

    Whether it’s the dense wood of Pennsylvania, the buffalo jumps in Wyoming, or the blind in your own backyard, taking that single shot could make or break the hunt. You need a stable shooting...

    Was: $143.99
    Now: $119.99
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    BOG Aluminum Tripod - Deathgrip BOG Aluminum Tripod - Deathgrip 2 BOG Aluminum Tripod - Deathgrip 3 BOG Aluminum Tripod - Deathgrip 4

    BOG Aluminum Tripod - Deathgrip

    The Deathgrip Tripod: For the absolutely most stable platform. When you need to seriously lock down that muzzle for a prized trophy at 200 yards, the Deathgrip Tripod is the set of shooting sticks...

    Was: $203.99
    Now: $159.99
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    bog-fieldpod-max-3 bog-fieldpod-max-1 bog-fieldpod-max-2 bog-fieldpod-max-4 bog-fieldpod-max-5

    BOG FieldPod MAX

    When you’re lining up that make-or-break-it shot on the prize trophy you’ve been stalking, that single shot counts. Whether you’re perched in the blind, on the cliffside, or across...

    Was: $155.99
    Now: $129.99

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