Bulldog Cases® Handgun Sock - 14" x 4"

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    excellent product for transport

    Posted by Jeremy Jeremy on Mar 9th 2020

    With these gun socks on my handguns, I can just put them all in one bag before I go to the range. I don't think they replace and gun case but I do think they do for range day transport. Excellent product at a great price!

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    Stocked up and happy I did

    Posted by Bruce T on Mar 9th 2020

    When I saw these hand gun socks come to the RangeOften web store, I stocked up and got one for all my hand guns. It's worth it just knowing that your firearm is just as clean as it was when you put it in your safe. It kinda makes me feel like I get the most out of my firearms cleanings.


When you think of accessories for your handgun, you probably think about upgrading the internal components or slapping something on top to improve your accuracy, right? With so many ways to upgrade and enhance your handgun, it is easy to glance over the more practical accessories that you need like a handgun sock!

The 14” Bulldog Cases® Handgun Sock is everything you never knew you needed. When you store or transport your firearm, the Bulldog Cases® sock will protect it from moisture, dirt, scratches and dings. The sock is silicone treated and constructed of super-soft, thick fabric making it the ideal accessory to protect your trusted handgun.

Additional Specs

  • Color - Black
  • Dimensions - 14” x 4”
  • Made from thick, high-quality material
  • Moisture resistant to prevent rust
  • Silicone treated material
  • Drawstring-closure system