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Caldwell Lead Sled FCX Rifle Shooting Rest



The lead sled is a great range bench device. But maybe you want one that's as small and simple as possible.

Enter the Caldwell Lead Sled FCX. This ultra-compact shooting sled provides the same function of other, larger bench shooting rests without all the added bulk and weight. Made from high-quality aluminum and steel, the FCX provides a stable shooting platform capable of hosting most rifles and shotguns. It provides windage and elevation adjustments of up to five feet on-target at 100 yards.

Includes weighted bag tray and gunstock rest.

The FCX provides - excuse the cliche - some real bang for your buck, thanks to its complimentary weighted bags and rests. The tray bag can be filled with sand or lead shot, while the gunstock rest is filled with polymer and reinforced with leather. In tandem with a comfortable shoulder rest for your buttstock and an easy-to-use adjustment handle for one-handed sled movement, the FXC provides that Caldwell capability you love, in a smaller package.

Additional Specs & Features

  • Reduces felt recoil by up to 95%
  • Perfect for easy sight-ins and zeroing
  • High-quality aluminum and steel construction
  • Four inches of elevation adjustment at the rest
  • Adjust windage and elevation with one-handed lever
  • Overall length is adjustable to accommodate virtually all long guns
  • Contoured rear support provides gunstock rest and shoulder placement
  • Includes gunstock/foreend rest and weighted tray bag w/ heavy-duty handle

WARNING: Handling firearms parts and accessories can expose you to lead and other petroleum products known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information go to: