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Case Club 2 Pistol Slim Case

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A sealed, locking double handgun case that doesn’t take up room.

Some locking hard cases take up quite a bit of room, but you don’t need to sacrifice space to keep your handguns safe. The Two-Pistol Slim Case provides a rugged hard case for two handguns, but it’s slim and easily portable while keeping all the important features.

Measures 13.9” x 9.9” x 1.75”. Waterproof, dustproof, pre-cut foam.

If the dimensions seem too specific, it’s by design. The Slim Case is perfectly sized up to provide enough protection while staying as small as possible. The foam inside is laser-cut for sub, compact, and full-size handgun frames with removable space for barrel extensions and attachments. The injection-molded exterior is crushproof and lockable with a padlock.

Additional Specs:

  • Pressure equalization valve
  • Dense, closed-cell poly foam
  • Maximum barrel length: 8.625”
  • Precision cutting blade included
  • Airline-approved for checked luggage