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Case Club 5 Pistol Case

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A perfectly designed rugged hard pistol case.

Dragging all your pistols’ individual boxes and totes to the range is a waste of time and space. Now you can shove ‘em all into one master case, ammo and mags included. Case Club’s 5-Pistol Hard Case was perfectly designed with a dense foam insert that holds up to 5 full-size handguns and up to 12 additional double-stacked mags.

Measures 17.5” x 14.2” x 7.5”. Waterproof, crushproof, locking.

The Hard Case’s pre-cut foam shelf provides easy storage and protection for any handgun measuring up to 8-⅝”. To handle all the weight, it’s made from rugged injected-molded plastic with heavy-duty metal locks and latches. It’s 100% waterproof with a pressure equalization valve, and it’s airline-approved.

Main Specifications

  • Closed-cell polyethylene foam
  • Hydro-absorbent silica included
  • Padlockable lid for extra security
  • Made in the USA, lifetime warranty

Case Club 5-Pistol Case Review

Carrying a pistol to the range usually means lugging around that plastic box it came in. Except most often, those things don't really provide good protection or storage for your handgun. And they tend to carry just one gun. But if you're a handgunner with a collection, you're probably looking for the pistol equivalent of a good rifle case. Case Club's 5-Pistol Case might be the ticket. Take a look with our in-depth review:

If you're thinking, "Hey, this kind of looks like one of those Pelican 1500 cases," you're pretty close. The 5-Pistol Case is essentially a high-test polymer strongbox, much like what the military uses to transport electronics and radio equipment. It certainly feels the part, too. The shell is rigid and reinforced at just about every inch and corner with raised grooves. Two strong latches help keep the lid tight when shut, and an O-ring seals the unit to protect against water and dust.

Additional Features

  • Holds 5 pistols, 20 magazines (+5 in mag wells)
  • Includes 'rechargeable' moisture-absorbing canister
  • Advertises 100% (IP67) waterproof, dustproof ratings
  • Built-in pressure release valve for altitude changes/travel
  • Can accommodate under-barrel accessories and sights
  • Wide-body snap latches for easy open and close
  • Uses stainless steel pins for hinges and latches
  • Two padlock mounting holes for extra security

Exterior Shell

This is a tough box. It's made from a relatively thick polypropylene that's injection-molded to create the two halves of the container. Ribbing covers the case and provides reinforcement and some extra rigidity. But overall, the case when empty isn't too heavy. It comes in around 7 to 8 pounds dry and empty. That's not bad consideration this is a pretty spacious case, too:

  • Exterior dimensions: 17.54"L x 14.24"W x 7.50"H
  • Interior dimensions: 16.02"L x 11.60"W x 6.22"H

That yields a total of 1,155 cubic inches. Again, quite similar in size (larger, in fact) and overall construction to a Pelican 1500, which offers about 1,146 cubic inches for quite a higher pricetag. Given its volume-to-weight ratio, that brings us to its waterproofing, which is pretty impressive.

IP67 Waterproofed (it floats)

Yes, the Case Club will, in fact, float. Now, if you load it up with 5 full-size .45 ACP pistols and 25 loaded magazines, it might not float too well. But it is capable of taking on water and remaining buoyant. Entertaining, but it also shows off its waterproofing. The inside of the lid is sealed with a nice, thick rubber O-ring to keep water and dust out, too. We'll interject that this photo shows an older latch design and different ribbing on the lid, both of which have been improved. More on the latches below.

Pressure Release Valve

The case sports a pressure release valve that can be sealed for waterproofing. "OFF" and "ON" indicators let you know which direction to turn the knob to engage the valve. This is great for air travel or underwater submersion, where pressure changes can cause the O-ring to blow out. It's a nice touch to help that IP67 rating hold true. Just as important are the latches keeping the lid sealed shut.

Handle, Latches, and Lock Points

The latches are springy with a solid snap when closed, and they're large enough to open and close with gloved hands. We like the rotating locks that help to seal the lid shut. The whole design is well-executed. Smaller latches tend to slip without grip. There's some basic knurling on the outside for your thumb to get some grip, too. On the outside of each latch is a lock hole for any keyed or combo'd padlock. Some gun cases have these locking holes on the inside of the latches, which can make the handle feel cramped. That's not the case here. Having each lock near the front corners of the lid also helps prevent prying from the sides.

You can also spy the hinge for the handle, which is also formed from injection-molded polypropylene. We'd like to have seen some rubber or foam on the handle for a lil' extra comfort, since this case can take on quite a bit of weight. But the inside of the handle is grounded smooth with a rounded contour, which helps prevent the handle from digging into your digits or palm. Stainless pins retain each side of the handle for strength. Speaking of weight, let's look at what the Case Club can reliably hold.

Interior Storage and Foam Inserts

This case can hold quite a bit of guns and ammo, or some accessories and personal items. We like how part of the foam insert can be removed, which provides a larger "do-it-all" space for tools, electronics, shooting glovesear pro and eye pro, or whatever else you need for the range:

It can still hold four pistols and plenty of magazines with this configuration. What we like most is how each pistol is stored in the "high-ready" position, with grips facing the shooter's hand at a natural angle. This keeps the barrels and slide tucked downward, which makes room for reflex sights, red dots, or larger irons like ghost ring sights. Single- and double-stacked magazines can be accommodated all the same. To help keep your pistols snug, small foam cubes are provided for the grips and muzzles, which can be cut to size. Take a closer look at the back of the container above and you'll see where the two hinges are held by more steel pins for the lid itself.

Silica Gel Canister

If you've been wondering what that shiny lil' thing is in the dead-center of the foam, it's the moisture-absorbing silica gel canister. This little dessicant's a nice touch to go in tandem with that IP67 rating. If the case ever takes on water or moisture, the canister will help to prevent rust in storage. The canister can be "recharged" by heating it to boil off any water it has absorbed.

FAQ & Recap

Let's get into the technical stuff about this case and cover the big points to wrap up our review.

Q: What's the largest pistol the Case Club Case can hold?

A: Case Club says this case can hold any semiauto pistol with a max length of 8-5/8".

Q: Can this case hold any revolvers?

A: Case Club says no, but we disagree. While a revolver's cylinder may be substantially wider than the typical semiautomatic handgun, no physical dimensions within this case prevent it from easily holding a revolver or two. You might find it makes for a tight fight in the handgun pockets next to said revolver(s), but we wager a medium-frame six shooter and a single-stack semiauto can play nicely together inside the Case Club. Most users comment being able to fit a revolver with a barrel length just short of 6".

Q: Can you fit more than 20 magazines in this bad boy?

A: We believe so. If you're dealing with mostly single-stack magazines, we found the magazine pockets can stretch just a lil' and perhaps fit two side by side. Of course, you can also keep mags stored in your handguns, bringing the total "official" storage capacity up to 25 or more. Users have commented they can fit about twenty-four 1911 magazines in the pockets alone.

Q: Is this gun case TSA-approved?

A: Yes. It meets TSA's basic guidelines for an air-travel-approved firearm case. It's hard-sided and features appropriate locking points. We wrote a guide covering how to fly with your firearms, which gets into those details.

Q: Will under-barrel attachments fit without being removed?

A: Some will, yes. Users comment being able to fit full-sized semiautomatics with under-barrel lights, like a Stream Light. Most semiauto's with small under-barrel lights or lasers will fit.

Q: How large of a padlock can this case use?

A: The locking points are large enough to accommodate a 1/4" lock's shackle. 



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