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Cleaning Kits

Cleaning Kits

Gun cleaning kits and solvents for AR rifles and pistols, and handguns.

Leave a bore un-swabbed or put your gun away dirty, and you'll come back to some ruined rifling and tarnished receivers and barrels. It's incredibly important to properly clean, oil, and store your firearms after shooting. Check out our selection of full gun cleaning kits (like the convenient Ammo Can Cleaning Kit) and the hugely popular Bore Boss roll-up boresnakes, available for 5.56/.223 and .40-cal handgun cartridges. Prefer a traditional cleaning rod setup? Try the Delta Series Compact AR Cleaning Kit. It includes all the brushes and tips required to keep your bore and barrel shiny.


What's in a good gun cleaning solvent?

Some solvents advertise great results with cheap prices. That's because they use incredibly high concentrations of corrosive acids and other chemicals. While these do wonders for removing fouling inside your gun, they can also destroy steel, aluminum, and polymer. That's why we chose to partner with Hoppe's . Their HBC6 Black Bore Cleaning Solvent provides great results without the corrosive side effects and risk of damage to your rifling or receiver/action. Although affordable, it's safe and effective. It's aerosol, so you won't waste a ton of product with every cleaning. Prefer a traditional cleaning oil that's great at removing copper? Try Hoppe's Black Copper Cleaner instead.

What is a bore snake?

A bore snake is arguably the most effective - and quickest - way to clean any firearm bore and barrel. Using a thick, woven end containing bristles, a bore snake can be threaded and pulled through the entire length of the barrel. It provides the most contact and surface area per pass, removing virtually all fouling and carbon when used in tandem with a good cleaning solvent. A bore snake like the Bore Boss Ultra-Compact can clean your AR-15's barrel in under 3 minutes.

Handgun Cleaning Kits Available

Since we cater to Poylmer80 and 1911 builders, we sought out quality, affordable handgun cleaning kits like the Vision Series Kit, for any handgun caliber between .38 and .45. Or grab the Black Cleaning Kit by Hoppe's and you'll have every swab, brush, and rod necessarily to clean any rifle or handgun in most calibers.