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Crosstac Tactical Rear Squeeze Bag

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You know how you hit the range with your bench rifle, and you fidget with your setup for 10 minutes trying to get a bead on steel? With that 24x scope at 700 meters, even a finger twitch can throw you off-target. You need a stable bench position with some control. Forget stacking magazines under the pistol grip or using your range bag as a make-shift rest. That’s unstable and it looks amateur.

One-way stretch fabric. Poly bead fill for precise height adjustments. Shaped to fit.

The Tactical Rear Squeeze bag is beautifully simple, rugged, and solves a common problem in long-distance shooting: Height adjustment. It’s shaped to fit your hand, stretching vertically without bulging out. Forget sand bags, too. They clump and collapse and do poorly in wet weather. This Squeeze Bag’s all-weather poly/plastic bead fill lets you make precise adjustments by squeezing or releasing the bag with your off-hand to stabilize your shooting position.

Additional Specifications

  • 6”H x  4”W x 2.5” D
  • Weighs 0.85 pounds
  • Strap for off-hand rest
  • Poly fill works in wet weather
  • Zippered bag (add or remove fill)
  • 100% USA-made by Crosstac

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