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Drago Gear 42" Double Gun Case

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A Soft XL Double Gun Case for a Larger Tactical Rifle

Lugging around a couple of large ARs in.308 can become tiresome if you're using a simple duffel. And trying to fit huge plastic gun cases in the trunk or back seat may be no good. You need a middle ground, like the Drago backpack. This large but compact soft case doubles as a rifle backpack, freeing up your hands for easy carry while saving space.

Measures 43" × 14" × 13". 600D ballistic nylon with loads of MOLLE

The case is soft but hard to break. The ballistic nylon is water-resistant, and MOLLE webbing reinforces the bag and offers extra storage points and pockets, giving you enough room for your guns and other shooting equipment. The Drago gear case easily accommodates two rifles measuring up to 42" and includes hook-and-loop straps and a soft separator to keep your weapons safe and in place. Need something smaller? Check out the smaller Lancer Tactical Bag instead.

Additional Features

  • Soft adjustable shoulder straps
  • Three (3) large pouches for gear storage
  • Four (4) additional zippered compartments
  • Drago backpacks include two (2) padded pistol pouches.
  • Hook-and-loop panel for patch or ID
  • Thick padded divider

Drago Double Gun Case: Staff Review

The Drago Double Case functions as both a handled duffel-style case and a backpack (more on that below). At 42" it provides plenty of space for any tactical rifle, making it a perfect candidate for an AR-15 case. It could even store a shorter .308-caliber AR and it provides plenty of width for rifles or shotguns with optics installed. As you see above, we were able to comfortably tuck away two 16"-barreled AR-15s with a 30-round mags in the well, one sporting a big EOTech 512 on top. Even with the six-position buttstock extended, we had plenty of room left over for whatever muzzle devices your rifles might be sporting. 

The Main Features

  • Thick padded divider separates each rifle, protects finish and optics
  • Padded adjustable backpack straps provide easy, hands-free carrying
  • Sports (4) zippered storage compartments for range gear and kit
  • Includes (3) large pouches for ammunition and accessories
  • Provides (2) padded pistol pouches for sidearms and magazines
  • Plenty of MOLLE straps on each side of bag for additional web gear
  • Overall dimensions: 43"L x 14"D x 13"W

Test Rifles & Gear

Both of our AR-15s used for testing the Drago Bag featured 16" uppers, one sporting a bulky EOTech to test general fitment of full-sized optics and scopes. Both rifles included the traditional "M4" six-position buttstocks, fully extended to test fitment length-wise. We typical 30-round mags (one aluminum STANAG and three Magpul) to test fitment with the compartments.

Starting with the outside shell, there's plenty of room for extra storage: You get one large compartment for shoving all your range gear, kit, and accessories into one spot, with three additional pouches resting atop. You also get two extra zippered compartments on either side. 

Elastic Ammo Pouches

Popping open one of the ammo pouches we get to see the elastic bands and velcro used to keep everything nice and tight. Keeping everything compressed and compact seems to be a recurring theme with the Drago Bag, evidenced by the cinch-up buckle straps (more on that below). We were able to easily stow four 30-round AR magazines in each pouch with some room to spare. Each pouch features a nice little stitched spine on either side, allowing it to tuck and fold neatly once cinched down with the elastic bands. You'll be able to comfortably fit six AR magazines in each compartment.

Cinch-Up Buckle Straps

With all your extra pouches filled up, you can tighten and compress everything down with all the buckle straps. There are eight in total. The velcro carry handle is stitched to the outside of the main pouch which encourages compression when carried like a duffel. If you carry the Drago Bag with the shoulder straps, two buckles on either side of the handle replace it, allowing compression even still.

MOLLE Webbing up Close

Four rows of typical MOLLE webbing provide plenty of room for even more magazine or gear pouches, and each row comes with plenty of thick stitching to handle whatever weight you throw on there. Wider-than-usual spacing makes it a tad easier to thread the backside of your gear into place, too. For very large, heavy MOLLE gear, it could sag a little because of this.

Rifle Storage: Straps and Pockets

Inside the bag is each compartment for your rifles, separated by a thick, semi-rigid and padded divider. Thick velcro straps keep each rifle in place and some nice little corner pockets help protect your muzzle and buttstock while in transport. This is a nice touch when you decide to carry the Drago Bag as a backpack -- the straps and pockets keep your rifle from shifting around. Plenty of padding on the interior of each shell, as well as a thick padded ring, keeps everything insulated from bumps and dings, too.

Padded Shoulder & Chest Straps

The star of the show: The adjustable shoulder straps are very comfortable, even under substantial weight. They're wide and thick with plenty of padding, and Drago took care to ensure the stitching and bag could handle a heavy bench rifle and plenty of ammo. Long ballitic nylon strands run the full length of the backside to reinforce the straps and bag, and an adjustable chest buckle strap ensures the shoulder straps stay high up for extra comfort. Metal D-rings secure the straps to the bag, too. The whole setup is pretty heavy-duty and makes carrying easy.

Little Bonus: Morale Patch Panel

Drago also threw on a simple little morale patch plate for whatever fancy patches you want to rep on your bag. It's a tiny detail, but we figured we'd mention it. You can also see the thick nylon and stitching for the buckled compression straps in this shot. They're stitched well and have plenty of meat on them for pulling tight.

Drago Double Gun Case: Summary

The Drago Gear Double Gun Case comes at a relatively high price -- $100 -- compared to other soft cases, but the price is worth it: This bag provides a comfortable way to hands-free carry a few heavy tactical rifles, gear, and ammo. It also provides plenty of extra protection for all your rifles and gear, thanks to thick padding and high-stress materials. It manages to pack a high capacity into a relatively compact profile, with loads of compression straps to boot.



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