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  • Walker's Corded Ear Plugs – 2pk Walker's Corded Ear Plugs – 2pk-2

    Walker's Corded Ear Plugs - 2pk

    Cheap, simple, effective. Walker's Corded Plugs. You're an experienced shooter, and you know it's important to wear good hearing protection. But you're not interested in all the high-tech gagdetry and cost of most ear pro. That's cool. Grab these...

  • Walker's Pro-Tek Neckband Ear Plugs Walker's Pro-Tek Neckband Ear Plugs-2

    Walker's Pro-Tek Neckband Ear Plugs

    Comfortable foam ear protection with a 25-NRR decibel reduction. Walker's Pro-Tek Ear Plug Band is the perfect compromise between an expensive, permanent set of neck-mounted ear pro, and those disposable foam plugs every shooter loves for the price...

  • Walker’s Disposable Foam Ear Plugs – 5 pairs

    Walker's Disposable Foam Ear Plugs - 5 pairs

    Your favorite disposable shooting ear plugs. Well, probably. Walker's been in the game of providing reliable, affordable ear plugs and shooting muffs for decades, and their foam ear plugs have become a staple in any shooter's range bag. Each set of plugs...

4 of 4 Items

Quality disposable and reusable shooting ear plugs.

Did you know that wearing only shooting ear muffs doesn't provide the appropriate level of hearing protection when you're shooting? Based on the average sound of a gunshot, and based on most hearing protection's Noise Reduction Ratings (NRRs), you need to wear ear muffs and ear plugs. We understand how important it is to wear proper ear pro at the range. That's why we've carefully chosen a wide selection of ear plugs that we know are comfortable, reliable, and proven to protect.

"Active" hearing protection without the added cost

We worked with Surefire to bring you their unique selection of EP-series shooting ear plugs. Options like their EP4 Sonic Defender and EP7 Defender Ultra plugs use unique, removeable noise filters. When plugged in, you'll enjoy high noise reduction. But when you need to stop down, have a conversation, answer the phone, or take instruction at the range, the Sonic Defenders' filters can be unplugged, providing full-volume hearing.

Want 'em cheap? We've got you covered.

Usually, the words "cheap" and "protection" do not go hand-in-hand. But when it comes to Walker's ear plugs, you get to spend a little and still enjoy reliable hearing protection that's comfortable. Walker's corded and disposable foam plugs provide high NRRs and can be reused before being tossed out when they get all gunky.

After all, not all shooting equipment needs to cost a fortune. Save your hearing and save the rest of your cash for ammo. Two birds, one shell casing.

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