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    Peltor™ Sport Tactical 500

    Active Protection That Adjusts to You So You Can Focus on Firing Want to load the first mag, pop on your ear pro, and start shooting? No fuss, no tuning? 3M’s Peltor Sport Tactical 500s are the perfect muffs to buy. These automatic muffs tune...

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Here you’ll find a quality selection of electronic ear muffs with the noise reduction (NRR) ratings required for safe, comfortable shooting at the range. Drowning out gunfire while boosting quiet conversation is a tricky business, so the electronic ear pro units we selected come with important features like Adaptive Frequency Response to reduce background noise, and Variable Suppression Times to kill harmful echoes at indoor ranges.

Electronic Ear Pro, Tested and Approved 

The Range Often team grabbed up some top-contending electronic muffs, hit the range, and came back with a favorable SITREP on a few select models. All the muffs you’ll see available here made muster and passed the hearing protection test (for rifles and pistols, indoors and outside) without crushing skulls or wallets.

Most importantly, we found muffs that are comfortable with all-day wear - even with a pair of shooting glasses wrapped around your ears. After all, hearing protection does you no good if you need to take it off every 5 minutes to fidget with it while your buddy’s standing next you slingin’ .308 downrange.

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