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Magpul MBUS Sights: Fast-Action Flip-up Sights That Don’t Get in the Way

Gone are the days of rocking that old-school A2 front sight post. Unless you’re trying to build an M16 or M4 clone, you’re probably looking at a slick, low-weight handguard and low-profile gas block. That means you’re also gonna rock a variable optic or red dot of some kind. While most modern optics are incredibly reliable, you absolutely should have a pair of flip-up irons, whether as front sight or rear sight.


Reliable, Lightweight Flip-up Sights

Iron sights don’t have to be fixed to be just as reliable and functional. With ultrasmall steel units like UTG’s ACCU-SYNC and Magpul’s generation 2 and Pro MBUS sights, you can get the same reliability and toughness of classic steel A2 sights without adding serious bulk and weight to your receiver and barrel. Our available flip-up Magpul sights (both front sight and rear sight) use modern alloys, waterproof coatings, and strong spring-assisted apertures and knobs for adjustments.


Compatible with All Picatinny/1913 Rails

All flip-up Magpul MBUS sights we sell are compatible with all standard upper receivers and Picatinny or 1913 rail systems, including railed gas blocks and handguards. Easy screwdriver or socket fasteners are provided with each flip-up sight base to make installation and torquing simple. Front sight posts can be adjusted with a standard A2 front sight detent tool.


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