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G.P.S. Range Tote Bag

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It’s a range bag that can actually carry hundreds of rounds.

You’re not going to the range to plink off a mag or two. You want to train, maybe finish the day with a Mad Minute, why not? That means bringing a helluva lot of mags and gear with you – a full battle load for the black rifle, a couple hundred rounds of double-stacked 9mm, .40 S&W, some ear and eye pro, and the like.


A droopy duffle won’t cut it. There’s one way seasoned shooters organize and carry all that ammo and kit: With a bag like the G.P.S. Tote. This burly range bag sports a bolted metal carry handle, a padded shoulder strap (removable), and an open design to pack it all in. No cheap stuff that tears or digs into your skin. The pockets are even sized up and labeled for all your gear, so you’re not fumblin’ around for stuff at the bench.

Measures 10” x 17” x 9”. Five rifle mag pouches. Nine pistol mag pouches.

  • Rigid internal frame to handle all the added weight
  • Waterproof roll-out rain cover for wet range days
  • Internal zipper pockets can hold (2) full-frame handguns
  • The heavy-duty carry handle is double-bolted to the frame
  • See-through pouches and compartments make inventory simple
  • Elastic hoops for rollin’ up and carrying all those paper targets

Additional Specs

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Nylon
  • Additional pockets: 5

Visual I.D. Included Compartments

The GPS Range Tote includes these Visual I.D. storage pouches:

  • Shooting glasses
  • Ear plugs
  • Rain cover
  • Target loops
  • Target stapler
  • Target tape
  • Gunsmithing and tools

G.P.S. Range Tote Bag: Staff Review

A lot of gun bags are loose and frumpy if they're not made of some tough plastic. Most don't do a good job of carrying a lot of weight while keeping their composure or shape. So, G.P.S. Tactical stole a play out of the foreman's workbook and converted the tried-n'-true rigid cloth construction tool bag into a handgun range bag that can hold up to 1,000 rounds.

The GPS Range Tote is a genius, simple design. It's not burdened with flaps or too many little compartments. Its giant, simple main storage is squared up thanks to the rigid frame built into the bag. It can hold up to 1,000 rounds of ammo or more. Tucked neatly inside are two padded pistol pouches, loads of magazine pouches for pistols and rifles on either side, and basic storage for ear pro, eye pro, and range gear on the front and back.

Main Compartment

The main compartment does away with flaps, covers, zippers, or soft cloth. It's a proper "tool box"-type of container with a rigid frame that provides a nice, squared up design. That translates into carrying more ammo and gear without fitment or weight concerns. Tucked into each side of the container are your padded pistol pouches with corded zippers. They're soft and will protect the finish on your pistols. They're stretchy, too, so you can squeeze a thicker revolver in there as needed.

Carry Handle, Shoulder Straps, Mag Pouches Galore

The metal carry handle is what really sets this range bag apart from other "soft" or cloth gun cases. It's double-bolted to either side of the main compartment and it helps to keep the whole container rigid under weight. It sports a nice, comfortable foam grip and the shoulder strap with metal carabiners offers extra carrying capacity to boot.

Unfortunately, the shoulder strap lacks in comfort, and it could probably benefit from having a foam pad like the handle. Nonetheless, it's up to the task of holding a relatively high amount of weight. You can also spy some heavy-duty rivets reinforcing the side of the container.

The edges of the tote are all covered with a thick nylon material and stitching, too. There are nine pistol mag pouches on the long side, capable of holding big double-stack mags and extra gear.

Rifle Magazine Pouches

On the opposite side you get five rifle magazine pouches capable of storing 30-round AR magazines, or any other magazines for most tactical rifles. The rifle and pistol mag pouches are made from a see-through mesh material, so they won't get gunked up with fine dust or dirt as readily. Each pouch is reinforced with some thick nylon and stitching, to prevent fraying and tearing from use. 

Resting immediately above the mag pouches are two elastic nylon loops. These are for stowing away your rolled up paper targets. It's a small convenience that does away with bending or folding your targets, which can cause bleed-through on reactive targets.

Visual ID Pouches for Range Gear

If you're unfamiliar with G.P.S. Tactical, they've developed a system for storing range gear called Visual ID. It's a convenient way to determine what bags come with the right compartments based on your gear setup. GPS does this to appropriately size each compartment, ensuring you have the right amount of space without taking up too much. The result is more room for storing things like ammo, guns, and bulky items. The GPS Range Tote include some Visual ID compartments on the front and rear of the bag:

On one side you get storage for tacking up targets: A rolled tape pouch and a second pouch for a stapler. Underneath, the umbrella-marked zipper pocket tucks away a waterproof rainfly for throwing over the tote if you're caught outside in bad weather. 

On the opposite side, you get four additional compartments: One for eye pro, two for ear plugs, and an open mesh compartment for tucking away generic gear or tools. The mesh is a nice tough here, too, as it'll prevent dust and dirt from building up inside. We removed the shoulder strap so you can get a better view of its fastener. It's a nice heavy-duty D-ring and ballistic nylon fixture that's double-riveted to the side of the bag's main compartment. Those double rivets are also responsible for holding the metal handle in place, which keeps both points of carry and contact connected for better support.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for arguably the most simple, "throw-it-all-in-and-go" type of range bag, the GPS Tote is probably one of the best choices on the market. The rigid-frame, metal handle and thin but sturdy walls make this a perfect range bag for storing a ton of ammo and equipment.



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