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Gun Sock

Gun Sock

"Pffft, what good is a gun sock?" -- Gentleman who dismissed the value of a gun sock, before scratching his prized long gun.

Seriously, why go through all the trouble and effort of building out that gucci AR, or having your local gunsmith or woodworker polish up that beautiful AAA-grade maple gun stock, only to have it scratched and beat to Hell during storage and transport? That ain't you. That ain't your gun stuff. No, you're a smart gun owner who values keeping his (or her) pistols, rifles and shotguns pristine. That's why you buy gun socks.

What is a gun sock, anyway?

It's exactly what it sounds like: A big ole' soft, velvety sock that slides over your long gun or handgun, adding that extra layer of protection against bumps, scraps, bangs, and even moisture and rust. We partnered with Bulldog and Allen, who both makes some pretty slick gun cases, to bring a selection of soft, silicone gun socks that provide extra physical and moisture protection for all your firearms.

"Are these washable?"

Yes! Gun socks can be washed with cold water and dried on low heat. This shouldn't compromise the silicone waterproofing treatment until multiple wash cycles. And, you can easily spray your gun socks to re-treat them in the future. Each sock is made from heavy-knit stretch fabric that resists shrinking and fraying.

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