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    AR Basic Tool Kit

    This AR Basic Tool Kit has all of the essential tools needed for your AR. Included in this kit are the following: a mag vise block (AR-15 size), a pin punch set, an Armorer's wrench, and a brass hammer.  Mag Vise Block: Made from high-grade...

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Gunsmithing tools for the tactical rifle and pistol owner.

Got a Glock? Or an AR? Or both? You're going to need tools. Quite a few, especially if you're in the business of using your modern tactical pistols and long guns the way they're intended: As modular, easy-swap platforms. That means changing barrels, triggers, springs, ejectors, slides, handguards, you name it. We have the tools you need to get any of those jobs done - no need to spend more for a gunsmith. Be your own gunsmith.

 Tools for any AR upper and lower receiver

Chances are, you're here because you need the tools to install a lower parts kit and buffer assembly. Getting the job done requires a few basic tools that you can grab here:

  • AR-15 Punch Set
  • Gunsmithing Hammer
  • Benchtop Clamp Vise
  • Magazine Vise Block
  • AR-15 Armorer's Wrench

Want to piece together a totally custom AR-15 upper? Swap out your existing barrel for a new barrel, or even a new caliber altogether? Grab the Wheeler AR Armorers Essentials Kit. The kit includes all parts required for removing a barrel nut and barrel, and properly reinstalling a new barrel with the right torque.

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