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Harris S-BR Bipod

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One of the most popular (and affordable) rifle bipods on the market.

The Harris Benchrest Bipod is one of the most loved bipods currently on the market - its design have been continually improved to perfection. With precise, notched and locking leg extensions, the Harris is designed for stable shooting from the benchrest with any rifle.

Weighs 0.61 pounds. Provides 6” to 9” of height. QD stud sling swivel attachment.

The Harris affords quick and easy leg adjustments in 0.5” increments with individual button locks on each leg. The entire unit is machined from high-quality powdercoated billet aluminum with rubberized leg pads, providing an ultralight but rugged support system.

Additional Specs

  • Spring-loaded legs snap into place
  • Lightweight 6061-T6 billet aluminum design
  • Matte black powdercoat finish is weatherproof
  • Button-locked leg extensions (6” - 9” height)
  • Glove-friendly knurled bipod locking knob

Harris S-BR: Staff Review

The Harris SB-R Bipod is one of the most popular "bolt-on" units available for any tactical rifle or long gun. We threw one on a .308 bench rifle and took it out for a spin. This review covers features, pros and cons, how well this bipod performs with sight picture, consistency and recoil, and lastly, our first impressions at the range with a final score.

At first glance, the S-BR bipod is a compact but well-built unit. It sports a sleek finish and offers a small footprint when folded, reducing the leg gap and tucking the leg extension fully into the main body of the bipod.

Features & Specifications

  • Construction: 6061 aluminum and anodized steel
  • Swivel/tilt function for uneven terrain
  • Notched leg adjustments w/ button
  • Manufactured in the U.S.A
  • Weight: 13 oz. (0.81 lbs.)
  • Hard rubber leg caps

Legs, Feet & Extensions

The legs on the Harris are adjustable, providing up to 9" of height when fully extended or as little as 6" when compressed. Three nice features are built into the legs which make using this pod on a stand or when prone much simpler and intuitive:

The legs are spring-loaded, retained in their compressed position by a button release (circle, top). Tap the button, and each leg pops out to extend to 9" automatically. Each leg is notched, providing six locking positions for height. Each leg is individually adjustable. This is particularly nice if you're working with high magnification and need to get just the right height for a comfortable shooting position and sight picture. We also like how height adjustments take place when the bipod's under load with your rifle: 

Simply tilt to one sight, pop the leg open fully, and while holding the locking button, allow the weight of your rifle to compress each leg to the desired height. Release the button, and you're locked in. Lastly, each rubber foot pad twists freely. This helps provide some lateral movement without the pads rubbing against your bench or stand. It also prevents your rifle from jumping around when you're pivoting left or right to grab a sight picture.

Swivel Sling Attachment Stud

The S-BR works well with a typical AR-15 or tactical rifle, or a bench rifle or long gun bedded in a custom chassis. It uses a swivel sling attachment stud and a tension/set screw (circled) in tandem with a rubber pad to lock underneath your handguard of choice. We like the S-BR's swivel stud attachment and plate for a few reasons: The set screw can be loosened without completely detaching the bipod, providing 45 degrees of tilt. 

This is a nice feature when working with uneven terrain and it provides even better support by working in tandem with the individually-adjustable legs. All M-Lok, Picatinny, and Keymod handguards can easily accept a swivel stud conversion or plate (if one isn't already installed), making the S-BR a good universal choice for bench work or shooting in the field. An additional looped fastener (front, center) replaces the sling attachment stud normally taken up by the bipod. This means you can still get away with throwing on a two-point sling for hands-free carrying.

Leg Pivot and Folding Function

The S-BR incorporates two springs on each leg to provide tension while the bipod legs are folded in or out. This eliminates the need for additional fasteners or locking tabs, which adds weight and complexity. As a small bonus, we found these tension springs also helped to slightly mitigate felt recoil, absorbing some of the back-and-forth rocking motion experienced with each trigger pull.

The Harris Bipod: Final Thoughts

The Harris S-BR is a great bipod for any .22-cal or .30-cal rifle. While some might find the tension springs strapped to each leg a bit bulky or unsightly, they provide great recoil mitigation and ensure the bipod's capable of providing a stable shooting platform. The springs should be occasionally oiled or greased to prevent them from sticking or rusting, but its this simple design that ensures reliability. 

We would've liked to see a locking mechanism for the adjustment knob and bolt that keeps the bipod secured to your stud or handguard, as it can loosen over time if not sufficiently torqued. This can be remedied with some Loctite. We fit and finish of the bipod is well executed and blends nicely with any aluminum handguard or synthetic stock, and its high degree of adjustability makes it great for shooting from the prone on uneven terrain. While more compact and expensive bipods exist that provide even greater adjustability (like cant and tilt), the S-BR is an affordable workhorse that gets the job done without any fuss.

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