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Spend  $100+ get a FREE pair of RANGE OFTEN SHOOTING GLOVES (size large)

Rugged and Ready Sights 

What more could you ask for in a rifle accessory? You'll find no plastic here. No buttons and levers. No weird "sight hood" stuff. Just the iron sight apertures you probably learned to shoot through, with solid mounts and standard windage and elevation adjustments. 

Daniel Defense Iron Sights

Daniel Defense AR 15 Sights are all top quality that provide robust sights that make your gear ready for battle.

Standard co-witness height 

This is something many anglers overlook: A good set of fixed irons offers a typical co-witness height that allows easy aiming through an attached red dot or optic. Many optics use standard heights and risers meant to interface with the "mil-spec" A2 front and rear sight height over bore. All the fixed iron sights we sell provide the appropriate co-witness height, so you can be sure the red dots will interface properly with your irons for a clear sight picture.

Near and far apertures

A good set of irons provides both large and small sight apertures, which gives the shooter a clearer sight picture in both high and low light conditions. More importantly, it provides better aim when sighted for close-quarters or long-distance shooting. Our fixed front sight options come with spring-assist dual sight apertures for an easy target.

Standard 1913 / Picatinny rail attachment

We keep it simple here. All fixed rear iron sight that you come across should have a standard 1913/Picatinny rail attachment base for compatibility purposes. With a flathead screwdriver or the appropriate Allen key or socket, you can easily torque these quality sights, and then you will be ready to zero in and send rounds downrange.


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