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Lead Sled

Lead Sled

The Caldwell Lead Sled series of shooting sleds provides new and veterans alike with an utterly reliable, precision shooting platform. Whether it's the Solo, DFT 2, or Lead Sled 3, all of Caldwell's bench shooting rests are adjustable and accept virtually any long rifle up to magnum loads, even .50 BMG with the right weight in the tray. We carefully chose top rests from Caldwell to ensure all shooters have access to affordable, quality shooting platforms for any long gun.

Caldwell Sleds: Versatility and Comfort

Caldwell took the time to focus on making each Lead Sled as comfortable and adjustable as possible, without sacrificing stability. Multiple vertical and horizontal locking adjustments allow each Caldwell Sled to be sized up easily (without tools) for your favorite AR-15, bolt gun, or even a crossbow or magazine-fed shotgun. Speaking of, each rest uses a split frame with a high degree of vertical adjustment to ensure most box magazine-fed guns can fit easily. No more dealing with hand-loading rounds or using some tiny magazine because your 20- or 30-rounders don't fit between your stock and bench.

Lead Sled: No wobble.

If a shooting sled wobbles, it ain't a sled. It's just a shot group killer. Caldwell's sleds are built with heavy-gauge steel plating, all welded into one piece for maximum rigidity. All sleds come fitted with large steel weight trays that can hold up to 100 pounds (probably more). The average Caldwell sled weighs 15 to 20 pounds dry and each unit's tray lets you stack just about any kind of weight you need to stop the biggest rifles and shotguns from moving on the bench. To mitigate recoil and other movements affecting muzzle movement, all sleds come with large rubber buttstock and open barrel mounts. Use the included rubber strap to cinch down your long gun, and you'll get a rock-solid connection that eliminates all movement for maximum accuracy.

Pick Your Price and Performance

Want a sled that's affordable, compact, and utterly simple? Check out our breakdown of the Lead Sled Solo. It's Caldwell's entry-level unit and it works wonders for just about any AR, deer gun, or tactical rifle that you're trying push to the limit. Throw some sand bags in the tray, grab your zero, and you'll drive tacks all day without breaking the bank. The Solo's small enough to carry, but big enough for most .30 calibers.

Need to step it up a notch in the adjustment and precision department? Got a big ole' magnum bolt gun pushing some joules at the muzzle? Check out the breakdown of the Solo's big brother, the Lead Sled DFT 2. It's got a massive 30" long x 12" wide base with a huge steel frame. It'll handle the recoil energy from your biggest long guns.

Universal Caldwell Sled Specifications

  • Constructed from heavy-duty steel tubing
  • Weatherproof powdercoat finish will never fade
  • One-piece welded construction for extra strength
  • Precision adjustments for long-range shooting
  • Open steel weight tray holds up to 100 pounds
  • Frame design accommodates box magazines
  • Comfortable rubber buttstock pad reduces recoil
  • Front rubber pad and strap secures any long gun

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