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Magpul® Bipod for M-Lok

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One ultralight, tough-as-Hell, adjustable bipod.

Magpul’s been outfitting law enforcement and service rifles with badass bipods and like the 933 for years. This mil-spec bipod’s no different: It’s made from 6061 billet aluminum with a hard-coat anodized finish, just like your black rifle’s receivers. Coupled with stainless steel internals and reinforced polymer fixtures, this bipod will probably outlast your rifle.

Weighs 0.6 pounds. Provides 6.3” to 10.3” of height. Locking tilt with pan.

For how light and compact the 933 is, it isn’t just a simple set of sticks. Folded up, it measures just 2.3” deep and 3.3” wide under the barrel. But pop it out and the bipod provides forward tension and stabilization with high-quality springs and vertical adjustment. It also affords up to 50 degrees of tilt and 40 degrees of pan. Lock the tilt and continue panning across your lane with precision. You won’t find that level of adjustment on many other bipods this small or light.

Additional Specs

  • Optimized for rapid, one-hand adjustments
  • Mil-spec, anodized 6061-T6 billet aluminum
  • Spring-tensioned legs snap and lock position
  • Button-locked leg extensions (6.3” - 10.3” height)
  • Glove-friendly knurled bipod locking knob

The Magpul M-LOK Bipod: Staff Review

A good bipod needs to do a lot of things: Provide a stable shooting platform for ringing steel at distance, offer good adjustability for height, tilt, and pan, take up little space when not in use, and withstand all kinds of bumps and bangs without losing set screws, rubber feet, or springs. Is Magpul's take on the tactical bipod the right one for an M-Lok setup? Let's take a closer look with a quick review.

The Magpul M-Lok Bipod seems just like most other bipods designed for AR-type and tactical rifles: It sports a handguard attachment (obviously, it's in the name) with adjustable legs. It has the usual spring-loaded legs and locking buttons for all adjustments, which is to be expected on any standard bipod.

Legs, Feet, and Adjustments

Magpul uses a combination of machined aluminum and their injection-molded polymer (the same used in their magazines and buttstocks) for the leg extensions, so they're stiff and tough. Magpul advertises a yield strength of around 100 pounds, which is impressive for a pod that weighs a little over one-half a pound. The extensions work from 6.3" to 10.3" in height, with seven 0.5"-spaced locking detents for the buttons on each leg. 

On the bottom, the Atlas-style feet ship with soft rubber stepped pads, which do a good job providing some friction and stability on the average shooting bench. If you're prone in the dirt or gravel, the Atlas-compatible feet can be switched out for steel pegs, spikes, or whatever else Atlas-type legs you can find (except for the Atlas H-5's) which is a nice touch for customization and more stability if you're not on a bench.

Folded and Tucked Measurements

When folded, the pod's locked in the forward position and measures about 2.3" deep underneath the handguard by 3.3" wide, so the profile doesn't feel bulky or cumbersome to move with. The sturdy knurled adjustment knob and the shape of the leg extensions actually makes for a decent shooting rest when folded:

The bottom of the friction knob also comes with a soft rubberized pad designed for keeping the rifle stable and helps to prevent slipping when used as a shooting rest. A small but nice touch.

Locking Knob and Folding Buttons

Up top, the pan and tilt mechanism tightens and loosens with no tools, using only the friction adjustment knob. Cinching the knob down locks the pan at 0 degrees and still allows for full tilt. This is a great feature for making small adjustments when shooting at longer distance. You can even unlock the friction knob and rotate the hub 180 degrees, allowing the legs to fold forward or backward. 

Outside, either leg folds and unfolds via a locking button located on the steel shoulder of the leg mount. Unlike many pods, Magpul's design ditches the external coil springs that normally twang and squeek after awhile. Simple in appearance, Magpul did a little work on the inside of the leg mounts to provide just enough "spring" inside each leg's mount to allow them to absorb recoil without skidding across your rest. This is something that many cheaper bipods otherwise suffer from, especially when shooter larger centerfire cartridges like .308 Winchester.

The Magpul Bipod: Our Thoughts

Magpul's Bipod is simple, effective, and provides a surprisingly strong unit in a lightweight profile. The adjustments are precise and easy to use, and there aren't any annoying coils or springs to deal with as time and rust take their toll. Coated steel, aluminum, and polymer make for a nice design that works on any rifle. 



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