[Discontinued] Magpul® Core® Patrol Gloves

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  • 5
    Magpul Patrol

    Posted by Jerry M on Dec 20th 2019

    Love the fit on these and the grip.

  • 5
    Magpul Patrol Gloves

    Posted by Benjamin on Dec 20th 2019

    Really great fit and super comfortable!


You look around the range and realize no one there is wearing shooting gloves but you.  They’re all there recreationally, while you’re there to put some work in. That shooting gloves improve your range game is just a thing you know.  You might even be able to teach these kids a thing or two. It’s not your style, but doing what it takes to improve your shooting is. The Magpul Core Patrol Gloves are there to help you along that path. They give your hands a rock solid, stay-put grasp over your grips, improving trigger discipline and overall control.

One-piece palm.  Durable leather. Contour cut design.  Padded backing.

With the Magpul Core Patrol Gloves, you know you’re getting solid reliability that you can don and forget.  The one-piece leather palms provide you with excellent grip that won’t slip. These mits are also lightweight, and the neoprene knuckles give you a little bump protection, too.  Now your hands will be the least of your worries when you’re throwing rounds down range.

Additional Specifications

  • One-piece palm construction
  • Soft, durable premium leather
  • Backhand features rugged stretch nylon 
  • Contour-cut design in a lightweight profile
  • Comfortable, padded neoprene impact protection