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Mechanix Wear® Specialty 0.5mm Covert Gloves

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You want to protect your hands but still feel “one” with your firearm. It is a delicate balance between thick enough and not too thick, soft but not too soft - all while remaining lightweight. This is where the black Mechanix Wear® Specialty 0.5mm Covert Gloves bridge the gap between your stringent demands and practicality.

The Mechanix Wear® Specialty 0.5mm Covert Gloves are the solution if you are looking for a shooting glove that provides breathability, natural feel and high dexterity. The TrekDry® material contours to your hand to prevent heat from building up around your knuckles. While the Mechanix Wear® Specialty 0.5mm Covert Gloves are loaded with features and constructed of special materials, they are still practical so that you can load mags, easily pick up ammo and pull the trigger without glove resistance.

Additional Specs

  • Color - Black
  • Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) wrist closure system
  • Conforms to your hand’s natural curvature
  • Lightweight, 0.5mm thickness

When it comes to shooting, finding a good pair of gloves that are protective yet tactile is a pain in the ass. So, we're taking a look at a glove that claims to provide the best fit on the market: The Specialty 0.5mm Covert Gloves from Mechanix. Let's take a closer look at fit and features.

Mechanix Specialty Gloves: Staff Review

Right away, it's apparent Mechanix went with an almost "wet suit" type of fit with these gloves. The palm and fingers ditch the usual cloth or cotton to pull this off. The Specialty Coverts are made from a synthetic fabric called AX-Suede, a special type of polymer that mimics leather. A stretchy and breathable fabric called TrekDry covers the back of the hand, and the wrist closure is perhaps one of the most effective we've seen on a pair of shooting gloves. The construction is airy, too, with a surprisingly velvety feel. These gloves give plenty of stretch to provide most snug fit possible.

The Main Specs

  • AX-Suede fingers, joints and palms.
  • Snug, low-profile TPR rubber wrist.
  • TrekDry stretch backhand (0.5mm).
  • Built-in flex joints for better motion.
  • Anatomical stitching for natural fit.
  • Nylon carrier loops for storage.
  • Machine-wash and dry.

But are they really the best-fitting tactical gloves? Let's take a closer look.

Wrist Closure

The one item that spoils a good glove is a crappy wrist closure so thankfully, Mechanix nailed it: The piping around the wrist keeps a nice, round shape once cinched down. The TPR material is flexible and stretchy already and, combined with 0.5mm fabric, makes for one of the best fits on the wrist. The hook-and-loop fastener is large enough to provide plenty of coverage for larger shooters, too.

A deep, curved cut of the opening below the thumb's knuckle eliminates extra material that normally bunches up on other gloves, especially when worn by small or thin shooters. It can make for a tight fit, so a larger-than-normal nylon strap is provided for pulling the Coverts on and off easily.


The best design element in the wrist, though, is the stitching. Wide zig-zagged double stitching around the entire wrist provides even compression around your hand and prevents the fabric from rubbing. A bar-tacked piece of leather on the underside's a nice touch, too. It helps to keep the wrist flat when your hand is curled, and it prevents common wear-and-tear at the bottom of the palm.

Comfort and Breathability

Going with a leatherette material and rubbery bits, you'd worry the Coverts get sweaty and sticky. That's not the case, though. Plenty of perforations and airy materials make the Coverts feel breezy, even when snug. That's it. There's really not much else to say, here, and that's a good thing: The Coverts will not make your hands sweat, even if you're stuck gripping a patrol rifle at the low-ready for hours.

Grip and Feel

That brings us to grip. The Coverts provide plenty of bite and grab onto polymer, wood, and steel without much ado. Even when wet, you won't find your hands slipping or giving way on slick surfaces. Freedom of motion is fantastic, by the way. These yield a "second-skin" kind of feel that makes articulating your fingers and performing tiny or precise movements (like pulling out a receiver pin or fidgeting with a magazine follower) feel natural. Sensation of touch is preserved well, too. This all makes sense: Mechanix designed these gloves for shooters handling tactical weaponry. The AX-Suede and TrekDry materials naturally grip onto metal and coated surfaced like anodized, nitrided, and phosphated receivers and barrels.

Keeping things anatomical, Mechanix designed the ring and pinky fingers with an even tighter fit than the other three fingers. This helps to keep the fabric near the side of the palm from bunching up when the hand is curled or cupped.

On the gloves' backside, the same snug, stretchy fit provides a uniform shape over your knuckles. We're very happy to find these things do not restrict movement when making a fist, and conversely, you don't have to deal with bunched up or frumpy fabric around the knuckles when your hand and fingers are stretched flat.


Most of all, Mechanix made the Coverts perform well when abused. The thumb and middle and index fingers sport an extra layer of anatomically formed and stitched AX-Suede, and this material is strong. It feels like natural leather and handles abrasions and sharp contact without fraying, tearing, or failing. It wicks moisture and repels oil better than natural suede, too. 

Are these things waterproof, and can they stand up to open flames? At 0.5mm of thickness, no. They will provide excellent protection against the elements, though. They're comfortable in the cold and if you find yourself submerged or stuck in the wet, the Coverts will not lose their shape or tight fit, providing plenty of grip while soaked. They dry off very quickly in the open air.

Final Thoughts & FAQ

So, who are the Mechanix Wear Coverts for? Shooters who need dexterity and tactile precision above all else. We've found the Wear Coverts' half-millimeter thickness to offer the best fit in a shooting glove so far. While the design sacrifices a bit of the rugged wear protection other suede and leather-type gloves afford, these gloves still manage to protect against heat and sharp or pointy bits.

Are the Wear Coverts touchscreen-compatible?

Officially, no. We found the rubbery texture of the fingertips work occasionally for answering a call or hanging up, but you'll probably have to take these gloves off if you find yourself texting.

Are these gloves machine-washable?

Yes. Wash with warm water and detergent, and dry with warm heat on a regular cycle.

Are the Coverts true to size?

Yes. Various users and feedback indicate the Wear Coverts fit true to size and don't run small or large. 

What if I'm between sizes, should I go up or down?

We recommend you down-size. Shooters whose hands are between a Small/Medium, or Medium/Large found that sizing up resulted in the fingers being too long. Users found going down a size did not make for a fit that's too tight or uncomfortable.

How do these compare to the original Covert Tactical Gloves?

Mechanix's 0.5mm Coverts are this glove's second generation, with a manufacturer model number of HMG-55-008. The original Coverts have a model number of MG-55-008, sans the "H". The original Coverts are thicker (about 0.8mm to 1.0mm) with a palm/underside made entirely of unperforated AX-Suede. They're less form-fitting and provide a bit more insulation for grunt work, like a conventional leatherette glove.



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