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NcSTAR Double Carbine Case - VISM, 36"

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To make your trigger time count, you like to take a couple ARs with you. That also means luggin’ a bunch of ammo and gear. But loading it all up in your car, hoofin’ it to a blind, or getting to the range can be a PITA. Conventional gun cases and duffels can be a hassle, especially if you’re breaking out the safe. That’s why you might want the VISM 36” Double Carbine Case from NcSTAR. It triples as a comfortable rifle backpack, ammo and magazine tote, and a gear bag all in one. Hands-free travel.

Thick foam padding.  Adjustable backpack straps.  External storage pockets.

The VISM Carbine Case gives you several ways to carry your ARs, eye and ear pro, calls, cleaning equipment, and whatever else you're bringing to the range, cabin, or blind.  It can be carried like a duffel bag by using the handles or shoulder strap. Or, sling it round your back for those backwoods spots that require a little hiking. The 36” Double Carbine Case lets you just get on with getting to your shooting spot without the hassle of treating all your gear like luggage.

Additional Specifications

  • Made from heavy-duty, water-resistant PVC
  • Heavy-duty zippers prevent popping or tearing
  • PALS webbing for extra mag and gear pouches
  • Three external storage pockets for range gear
  • Compression straps for easier storage when full
  • Adjustable padded backpack straps for easy transport

NcSTAR VISM Case Staff Review

Since the VISM Case is designed to be carried like a backpack, it works to keep the center of gravity close to the wearer by providing a longer, thinner profile than most other soft rifle cases. The front side also provides plenty of compression straps to cinching the storage pouches tight when full, to prevent the bag from becoming too wide or sagging when worn.

Storage and Construction

  • (3) external pockets for magazines and ammo
  • (2) small side pouches for range gear and equipment
  • (2) Heavily padded interior rifle compartments with separator
  • Bungee cords on exterior pockets for keeping gear tight
  • MOLLE straps for securing additional PALS-type gear
  • Muzzle and buttstock covers inside for protecting rifles
  • Rifle compartments feature elastic straps for securing guns

Let's get a closer look at everything and see if NcSTAR's more-affordable alternative to all these expensive rifle bags is worth the savings.

Ballistic Nylon, Storage Pouches, & MOLLE Web

For being a relatively "slim" case, the VISM Bag still provides plenty of storage when it's needed. Both sides of the front shell sport four rows of MOLLE webbing spaced approximately 1" apart, with three columns for PALS gear straps. They're certainly designed to hold heavier weight -- like extra loaded magazines or larger admin pouches -- thanks to the wide, bar-tacked stitching. NcSTAR also wrapped the edges of the top pouch flaps with some thicker ballistic nylon to prevent fraying. A small but important touch to improve overall lifespan when you're dragging this thing over concrete or taking it out on trails.

Behind each MOLLE section is a thin, long pouch that can hold eye pro, pistol magazines, thinner tools, or generally whatever shooting accessories you're bringing along with you. They're thin and difficult to get a full hand inside, so we don't recommend storing small gear in there -- it might be difficult to retrieve. Contrary, each of the exterior top pouches can hold about three AR-15 magazines, and bungee cord is provided inside each pouch to cinch your mags down and keep them from shifting when carried. 

Compression Straps & Extra Storage

You'll get a total of six compression straps to keep this bag as tight and thin as possible when loaded up. It's difficult to see because NcSTAR did a nice job of packing compartments, but behind the three top pouches is one large "stuff-it-all-in-there" compartment for whatever extra, large gear you need to bring with. It's big enough to carry a spotter scope or collapsible tripod, or you can throw a few boxes of ammo in there for extra hours at the range.

A closer look shows off the reinforced carry handle straps that stitch down between the left and right exterior pouches, providing a good center-of-gravity hold with the ability to carry plenty of weight. A small hook-and-loop tab is provided on the center pouch for any morale patch or velcro ID you want or need to display. NcSTAR also threw in a small metal D-ring for an extra ID badge or your car keys.

Interior Rifle Storage and Padding

Inside is where the quality counts, and the VISM Bag seems to hold up to over, more expensive options. Some very thick padding is provided around the entire rim of the storage compartment, protecting optics, sights, muzzles, and buttstocks. Adjustable elastic bands help keep your rifles nice and snug, and both the muzzle and buttstock of each rifle gets added protection with small flaps that cover both ends. The interior lining is a shiny nylon that cleans relatively easily with soapy water and helps to prevent staining from oils and grease. The semi-rigid divider is also padded to keep bolts or receivers from rubbing up against each other and scratching or marring your rifles' finishes.

The interior provides 36" of storage capacity, meaning it'll hold most AR-15 rifles sporting a 16" barrel and standard 6-position buttstock. Larger AR-10-type rifles or .308 guns will be a tight fit, if they can fit at all. Of course, you can still get away with storing longer ARs thanks to the take-down and front pivot pins -- just break upper and lower receivers in half, and most longer rifles will fit with no issue. 

Shoulder Strap and Carry System

The shoulder straps on the NcSTAR are what really make the bag. Most soft rifle cases perform all the same -- if they have appropriate padding and storage -- but the VISM Carbine Bag doesn't skimp out on the most important part: Being convenient to carry when full. The strap anchors run the full length of the bag itself and loads of stitching with extra layers of ballistic nylon keep them from sagging or bowing out. The shoulder pads are quite wide (around 2") and and well-padded, too. A chest cross-strap helps keep the pads high up on your frame, reducing the load on your shoulders and both sides provide wide adjustment for your overall height. 

The straps can be cinched close to the bag itself when carried like a duffel with the handle, so they aren't dragging on the grounding or snagging. They're secured with metal D-rings, and extra rings are provided for tacking on whatever accessories you may want to carry with you for easy access on a longer stint in the country.

Final Thoughts on the NcSTAR Rifle Case

For its price point, the NcSTAR Carbine Case performs surprisingly well. It comes with plenty of features, and the most important part of the whole thing -- the storage system and shoulder straps -- received plenty of attention and material for easily protecting and carrying your ARs or other rifles or shotguns. The stitching is reinforced, the material is heavy-duty, and it offers plenty of storage. 

NcSTAR probably could've squeezed a few more rows of MOLLE webbing here and there, and the two small side pockets can be difficult to retrieve items from since they're relatively thin and long, but these are minor nuances that don't detract from the overall utility or quality.

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