Peltor™ Sport Ultimate Hearing Protector

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Extra protection from a top name in professional ear pro.

The Peltor Ultimate shooting muffss are the folding ear cups you need when you want the most passive protection possible on the firing line. Whether you’re rocking an earth-shaking muzzle brake or throwing some .338 Lapua downrange, these 30-dB NRR-rated muffs will keep your drums safe.

Passive noise reduction rating: 30 dB. Open frame reduces heat and sweat.

For how overbuilt the Ultimate Muffs are, Peltor made sure they’d remain comfortable, light, and easy to use. A fully adjustable open frame keeps your head breezy, and soft rings provide long-term comfort for your years. The skeletonized frame and ergonomic rubber headband reduce pressure points, too.

Additional Specs

  • Compact folding design for storage
  • Open frame reduces heat build-up
  • Fully adjustable headband for any size
  • Soft, comfortable ear cups