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Pro .223/5.56 - Cleaning Kit



This cleaning kit has all the essentials you need to clean your AR for an exceptional price! This kit allows you to do a quick repair or cleaning at the gun range for your rifle chambered in .223 or 5.56. 

Pro .223/5.56 Cleaning Kit Includes:

  • 2 - .223 cal Brass Brush
    The bore brush is a standard brass brush.
    Size: .223 cal brass brush
  • 2 - .223 cal Chamber Brush
    The chamber brush has stainless steel bristles for the locking lug area with brass bristles for the chamber.
    Size: 223 cal chamber brush.
  • 1 - Double End Mini Nylon Brush
    The double-end nylon brush for trigger mechanisms and action areas
  • 1- Rod
    Rod is made of durable brass.
    Thicker than a plastic rod and quite solid.
    The 5 section brass cleaning rod is 33’’ length total, long enough to clear the barrel.
  • 1 - Patch Holder
  • 50 - Clean Patches
    The patches were pre cut and fit easily in the gun's tight areas.
    Fits tight down barrels without sticking
  • Brass Slotted Tip
    Slotted tip available to use with your cleaning cloths
  • 1 Metal Cleaning Pick
    The stainless steel pick is a great tool to remove the harmful materials from your gun.
    To keep your firearms performing at their best.
  • 1 * Zippered Compact Padded Pouch -
    No need to dig through your bag to find your cleaning equipment. This zipper pouch keeps everything organized.