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QD Sling Mount

QD Sling Mount

Proper latch plate and railed QD sling mounts from Magpul.

In addition to Magpul's sexy Multi-Mission sling series, we're excited to offer their quality QD sling mounts and rail attachment points. Made from high-quality steel with matte black finishes, these sling mounts provide that reliable quick-detach connector, built into a compact and lightweight mount that doesn't take up rail space or add  unnecessary ounces to your handguard.

What is a QD Sling Mount, exactly?

The QD Sling Mount is designed to work quick-detach sling studs: Small ball bearing connectors that lock into the mount to secure one or both ends of a sling to your firearm. The QD sling mount is popular because it's a universal design and the mount function itself is little more than an open hole. This "key hole" design allows QD mounts to be built into slings, receivers, and latch plates.

Nearly universal compatibility

Virtually all QD-equipped slings use the same diameter mount, allowing a single sling to work with multiple firearms and configurations.  Buying a new lower parts kit or a new handguard for your AR-15? You'll probably get a free sling mount keyhole pre-drilled on those units. That's how popular the QD setup has become.

Backed by Magpul's legendary toughness

Magpul tests all their MS series slings and these connectors, abusing them and using them in literally every environment: Hot, cold, dry, wet, sand, mud, dirt, snow, rain, sleet, you name it. These QD sling mounts are made to be reliable because law enforcement agencies and military units rely on them daily. These sling mounts are backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

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