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Range Backpack

Range Backpack

Some of our teammates at Range Often put a few range backpacks through the ringer so we could offer 'em up here. Range bags like these are favored by shooters who need to keep their hands free for rifle cases and extra gear. If you're a hunter hiking to the blind or the three-gunner who needs to bring the entire  arsenal, you're in the right place.

Each of the backpacks we picked had to meet the same tough requirements as all our other range bags: They needed to be lightweight, comfortable on the shoulders and neck, rugged, and weather-resistant with an emphasis on function. No cheesy gimmicks or mall-ninja stuff.

Quality Range Backpacks We Tested Ourselves

The smaller details separate a good backpack from a mediocre one. That’s why we pulled options from top names like G.P.S. Tactical and put them to the test by stuffing ‘em full of our own gear and taking them for a spin. All the backpacks we approved come with the features you know and need:

Ballistic nylon and rugged fabrics that’ll resist fraying and tearing; Visual ID storage with labeled and fitted compartments to keep your gear organized in the same place; Padded pistol pouches and protective cases that are up to snuff – and of course, plenty of extra MOLLE and straps so you can throw your own bags and extra kit on there, too.

G.P.S. Tactical Backpacks: Visual I.D. 

One of the reasons we partnered with GPS is because of their unique Visual I.D. storage system. This system uses custom-made pouches and containers across all G.P.S. bags to provide convenient and organized storage solutions for all your range gear. Each pouch is sized and labelled for a particular piece of equipment. The legend below displays all the available compartments in the Visual I.D. system. While shopping and comparing G.P.S. backpacks, note on each product page what each bag includes based on the displayed Visual I.D. icons:

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