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Range Bag

Range Bag

What makes a good range bag? Comfort and easy carry? Organization? Simple ruggedness at a decent price? They say you can't have all three - we say you can, if you put in the work and test out a few options for yourself. That's what we do at Range Often: We put gear to the test before selling it, and we send it back if it doesn't meet our standards. That's why here you'll find the best range bag that can take a beating and keep your kit organized. 

Quality Gun Bags for Rifles and Pistols

Whether you're rocking a lineup of double-stack handguns or a trio of tactical rifles, you'll find an easy-to-carry range bag with duffel and/or shoulder straps for rifle and pistol shooters alike. We sourced a few bag options with loads of ammo capacity, room for both pistol and rifle magazines, and plenty of extra capacity for all your range gear. 

Need a simple, wide-open cache that can hold loads of ammo without ripping or tearing? Try the metal-handled G.P.S. Range Tote. Bringing along a few handguns with the AR-15? Check out the Explorer Tactical 18" shoulder bag - it's got plenty of room for rifle magazines with two padded pistol pouches and plenty of handgun mag pouches to boot.

G.P.S. Tactical Visual I.D. Storage

We partnered with G.P.S. Tactical to offer various range bags with customized storage solutions. These bags all contain tailored compartments and pouches for specific pieces of equipment and range gear. Use the legend below as a guide for seeing which G.P.S. bags come with particular storage options:

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