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    G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack 2 G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack 3 G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack 4 G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack 5

    G.P.S. Handgunner Backpack

    The GPS Handgunner Backpack is the last handgunner backpack you’ll ever buy. This rolling handgunner backpack is the big brother to the Case Club Tactical, providing a better storage system and more carrying capacity with equally awesome features...

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    Now: $109.99
  • G.P.S Rolling Range Bag with Telescoping Handle G.P.S Rolling Range Bag with Telescoping Handle

    G.P.S Rolling Range Bag with Telescoping Handle

    You're leaving behind the "amateur" shooting equipment, here. The G-Outdoors Rolling Range Bag is a professional-grade shooter's carry system. If you're carrying 80 to 100 pounds of serious kit, you don't wanna be slingin' it over your shoulders. That's...

  • G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack 2 G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack 3 G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack 4 G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack 5

    G.P.S. Tactical Range Backpack

    You’re an on-the-go shooter who needs a quality range bag that makes no fuss. The Tactical Range Backpack is nothing more, nothing less: triple-stitched with MOLLE and featuring convenient Visual ID storage, this hands-free range backpack makes...

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As a seasoned shooter, you already know you can’t just shove your eye and ear pro, ammo, guns and targets into an old sack and hit the range. Doing that means breaking gear and looking like a mess at the benchrest. No, becoming a better shooter starts before you pull the trigger – or even walk out the front door. It starts with packing your shooting equipment and gear the right way, and that means looking at the best range bags that get the job done.

Rifle and Pistol Gun Bags

The team at Range Often took the time to carefully select some of the best bags on the market. We packed ‘em up with our own gear (we really did, check out the product photos), tried them out, and zeroed in on quality options from GPS Tactical, Case Club, Explorer, and the like. The bags we picked had to pass muster again a few hard standards: They needed to be lightweight, weather-resistant and rugged, comfortable to carry, easily organizable, and free of “tacticool” gimmicks. We also made sure each gun bag could carry the core requirements for putting rounds on target:

• Paper targets
• Eye protection
• Hearing protection
• Cleaning equipment
• Rifle and pistol mags
• Full-size handgun frames

Expand Your Kit with our Guide to MOLLE Gear and PALS Webbing

No single bag will suit every shooter’s needs. So, we picked different configurations and carry options. Check out the Range Tote for a simple, throw-it-all-in option with a sturdy carry handle. Need to keep your hands free for rifle cases? Try the G.P.S Handgunner Backpack instead. We also made sure our range bags come equipped with plenty of quality MOLLE/PALS attachment points so you can always configure your kit the way you need.

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