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Range-ready red dot sights for your rifles and handguns.

The best way to improve your shooting skills is with a red dot sight. Whether you're rocking an AR-15 or other rifle, or a handgun like a Sig Sauer, throwing on a red dot (also called a reflex sight) allows you to take up your sight picture and get on target quicker. Compared to iron sights, your new red dot provides better accuracy without adding any weight or bulk to your piece.

Parallax-free with unlimited eye relief

Parallax error is always present in typical glass optics and iron sights. Without getting into the technicalities, parallax means your eye and head placement affect how your sights line up on your target compared to where your round impacts. Eye relief is also present on glass and iron optics: This dictates how near or far away your targeting eye must be to the reticle for an appropriate sight picture. Red dots and reflex sights are affected by neither of these two factors. No matter where your eye is placed behind the reticle, point of aim and point of impact always match. 

That means two things for you: Easier targeting and faster shot placement. Getting rid of parallax error and eye relief in your sight picture is the #1 way to improve your performance downrange, no matter the distance to your target. Since your head placement doesn't matter, a red dot can also improve comfort behind the trigger, making each day at the range more enjoyable.

Holosun and Sig Sauer Red Dots

Not all red dot optics are created equal. That's why we partnered with Holosun and Sig Sauer - two industry leaders - to provide you with lightweight, ultra-tough, accurate sights that promise easy adjustments, reliability in all conditions, and a clear sight picture. We carefully selected what's available so that all red dots you see from both manufacturers provide the best specifications and features:

  • One-piece aluminum housings
  • Completely waterproofed units
  • Easy-click MOA adjustments
  • 20k to 50k hour battery life
  • Day and night vision brightness
  • Ultra lightweight construction
  • High-recoil endurance for most calibers

Are red dots and reflex sights the same?

Yes. A reflex sight is a type of red dot sight. Reflex sights utilize a laser built into the rear of the housing, which projects the reticle onto the plane of glass through which you view your targets. Reflex sights can be exposed (using a single plane of glass) like the Holosun Reflex X2 MRS or tube-style, like the Sig Romeo MSR

Two other types of red dots include prism sights and holographic sights. These sights tend to be heavier, more complicated and more expensive. They provide few to no advantages over exposed or tube-style reflex sights. Prism sights tend to provide a narrow field of view, and holographic sights use multiple panes of glass that are more prone to damage, while providing no distinct advantage over a reflex optic.

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