Rifle Case

Rifle Case

Whether it's a cross-country hunting trek, drive across town to the range, or long-term storage, you need a proper rifle case for your long gun collection. Range Often set out to find the best rifle cases available today, with bombproof units from names like Plano, Pelican, Voodoo Tactical, SKB, and more. Our rifle cases provide weather-resistant protection, locking features, easy-to-carry handles and straps, and plenty of padding and compartments for your rifles, ammo, eye and ear pro, and range or hunting gear.

Hard & Soft Cases with Fast, Affordable Shipping

Looking for a shock-proof hard case that could stick a water landing at velocity? We've got you covered with SKB's iSeries Waterproof Case. Need a more subtle soft case that's lightweight and comfortable for carrying all-day? You'll find the Canvas Rifle Case from Bob Allen suitable at a great price. 

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