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Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scopes

Quality rifle scopes, designed and tested by U.S., veteran-owned companies.

We know how important a solid glass optic is, especially when you're trying to send something like 5.56, .308, or a 6.5 downrange with the accuracy these rounds can provide. That's why we settled on the proven scopes of Bushnell, and the disciplined quality found in veteran-owned Riton scopes.

Bushnell: For tactical reliability and hunting accuracy

Bushnell's AR Optics scope provides a wicked .223 BDC reticle in a waterproof, low-profile scope. Bushnell's Trophy and Banner scopes provide BDC reticles and hold-over setups specifically designed for North American game, providing high assurance when you send that first shot down a cold barrel to grab a trophy.

Riton: For long-distance performance

Riton scopes are punching above their weight. That's been our impression with their Conquer 6-24x50 and Primal series scopes. These long-distance optics are built for professional shooters: Zero stops, tactical turrets, advanced BDC turrets with rangefinders, multi-coat lenses with incredible light throughput (95% or more) and durable aluminum housings make the Riton scopes perfect for high-end rifles without making you shell out a grand or more.

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