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Rifle Sling

Rifle Sling

The rifle sling: Man's oldest firearm accessory.

The rifle sling is also perhaps the most overlooked shooting accessory, especially amongst new gun owners and first-timers at the range. But a sling does so much more than only provide a way to carry your long gun. A proper sling - even a single-point setup - can dramatically improve your shooting stance's stability and accuracy.

Now, to do all that, your sling needs quality hardware. It needs a solid strap that doesn't stretch or twist. It needs solid connectors that won't snap or bend. That's why we've stayed away from cheap plastic bits and sells only tested, proven hardware.

One-, Two- and Three-point slings available

Want a simple setup that keeps your rifle ready for work? A single-point sling is your best friend. Pair your one-pointer up with a latch plate sling mount, and you're ready to go. Want a traditional two-point sling? We've got you covered, with plenty of receiver and rail mount systems to make customizing your sling's final fit a breeze. Want a three-point sling for assisted shooting? Many of our two-point options can be turned into three-point slings with the addition of a third adapter.

Magpul, the master of slings

We're excited to work with Magpul to bring their mission-ready slings and sling mounts to our storefront. Their MS1, MS2, MS3, and MS4 series of slings and adapters allows any rifle - bolt-action or semiautomatic - to be outfitted with the one-, two-, or three-point sling setup that you want. Looking for some super tough HK-style clip mounts? We've got Magpul's Paraclips. Want free-swingin' easy swivel mounts? Check out the various QDM and QD swivels we've sourced.

Allen, the slings favored by hunters

Magpul's tactical sling stuff is great for your AR or other black rifle, but what about a sling for the backcountry hunter? We've worked with Allen to offer up their toughest, most capable and comfortable slings for your favorite trophy gun. Check out the all-weather Endura Sling for something that can take on water and hold a heavy shooter. Want something a little more subdued? Consider the Mossy Oak-clad Allen Yukon Sling.


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