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  • Magpul MS3 Sling GEN2 - Black Magpul MS3 Sling GEN2 - Black 2 Magpul MS3 Sling GEN2 - Black 3 Magpul MS3 Sling GEN2 - Black 4 Magpul MS3 Sling GEN2 - Black 5

    Magpul® MS3 Sling GEN2

    Is it a single-point sling? Two-point? Simple? Yes. Magpul doesn't screw around with flashy, "tacticool" slings. A sling is a functional piece of equipment that should get you to a quick high-ready to assist with some well-placed shots. That's why the...

  • Magpul MS1® Sling - Black Magpul MS1® Sling - Black 2 Magpul MS1® Sling - Black 3 Magpul MS1® Sling - Black 4 Magpul MS1® Sling - Black 5

    Magpul® MS1 Sling

    Magpul's original sling. What more do you need? Magpul's MS1 Sling went through a literal gauntlet before making it to market: Tens of thousands of rounds downrange in mud, rain, snow, ice, desert heat, sand, static load testing, para jumps. You name it...

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Rifle Slings


The rifle sling is also perhaps the most overlooked shooting accessory, especially amongst new gun owners and first-timers at the range. But a rifle sling does so much more than only provide a way to carry your long gun. Choosing the correct rifle sling can dramatically improve your stability and accuracy.


Now to do all that, your sling needs quality hardware. It needs a solid strap that doesn’t stretch or twist. It needs solid connectors that won’t snap or bend. That is we at Range Often have stayed away from cheap plastic bits and sell only tested, proven quality of leather slings.


Types of Slings

Want a simple gun sling that keeps your rifle ready for work? A single-point sling is your best friend. Pair your one-pointer with a latch plate sling mount, and you are ready to go. Want traditional double-point slings? We’ve got you covered with the best two-point sling, with plenty of receiver and rail mount systems to make a better shooting support. Want a three-point sling for assisted shooting? Many of our two-point slings can be turned into three-point slings by adding an adapter.



We're excited to work with Magpul to bring their mission-ready sling and mounts to our storefront. Their MS1, MS2, MS3, and MS4 series allows any rifle—bolt-action or semiautomatic—to be outfitted with the single-point, double-point sling, or three-point sling setup that you want. Looking for some super tough HK-style clip mounts? We’ve got Magpul’s Paraclips. Want free-swingin’ easy swivel mounts? Check out the various QDM and QD swivels we’ve sourced.



Magpul’s tactical sling is great for your AR or other black rifle, but what about a rifle sling for the backcountry hunter? We have worked with Allen to offer up their toughest, most capable and comfortable gun slings. Check out the all-weather Endura Sling for rifles that can take on water and hold a heavy shooter. Want something a little more subdued? Consider the Mossy Oak-clad Allen Yukon Sling.




By using our own firearms, we always test the equipment we sell. Because of its proven and tested quality, Blackhawk's Shell Sling is one of our offered products. The heavy-duty but compact metal fasteners and clips with freely rotating swivels on this product prevent your sling from getting mixed up with your shells inside, so you can always be prepared for action. It's easy to grip for ambidextrous shooters, whether you're using a pistol-gripped tactical pump gun or a long hunting semi auto, and it can be quickly adjusted to the size of any shotgun.


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