Shooting Bags

Shooting Bags

You've been here before: You just arrived to the shooting range, got set up, loaded your mags and popped on your ear pro, your targets are tacked, and you're ready to dial in - but your benchrest has no support. Forget trying to "find a rock or something" to use as a rest - lest you scratch up that bluing or anodized finish. You need some proper shooting bags.

Tested, Affordable, All-Weather Bags

Gone are the dark days of sand bags and dirt fill - we've tested out a few all-weather shooting bags that are waterproof, stable but not too heavy, and capable of taking a little recoil and abuse without blowing out the stitching. TAB Gear's Rear Bag (V2) is perfect for propping up your buttstock to get just a little more rise behind the scope, while Caldwell's DeadShot bag combo is perfect for setting up a stable prone firing position on any terrain.

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