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    Caldwell® DeadShot® Shooting Bag Combo (Unfilled)

    The O.G. shooting rest bag combo. Caldwell’s probably the biggest name in the keep-your-rifle-steady game. The DeadShot shooting bag combo is no exception. It’s the original bread n’ butter of gun rests, having been a crowd favorite...

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You’ve been here before: You have just arrived at the firing range, got set up, loaded your mags, and popped on your ear protection. Your targets are tacked, and you’re ready to dial in—but your benchrest has no support. Forget trying to find a rock or something to use as shooting rests, lest you scratch up that blued or anodized finish. You need some proper shooting bags.


Tested, Affordable, All-Weather Equipment

Gone are the dark days of sandbags and dirt fill. We’ve tested out a few all-weather shooting bags that are waterproof, stable but not too heavy, and capable of taking a little recoil and abuse without blowing out the stitching. TAB Gear (V2) is perfect for propping up your buttstock to get just a little more rise behind the scope, while Caldwell’s DeadShot combo is perfect for setting up a stable prone firing position on any terrain.


Dampens Gun Recoil and Improves Accuracy

You may look at the bag and think, "Well, that can’t do much for me." You’d be wrong. These have been around for a long time, and for good reason—their heavy weight and high density, along with the interior padding that can be adjusted, make them the ideal tool for stabilizing the tiny movements you experience when shooting long distances. They can also aid in the reduction of felt recoil and the improvement of follow-up shots.

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