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Shooting Ear Muffs

Shooting Ear Muffs

Hear that faint whistling? No? Good. That sound you don’t hear is constant ringing caused by tinnitus, a permanent hearing disorder you'll quickly develop if you’re not rocking proper hearing protection at the gun range. If you’re a shooter suffering from hearing loss, we’re not here to make light of it (some of us deal with it, too). We’re here to help ensure it doesn’t get worse. That’s why you’ll only find quality passive shooting hearing protection with some of the industry’s highest noise reduction (NRR) ratings.

Affordable Shooting Muffs That Work

Passive shooting muffs don't require AA batteries like active ear pro, and they'll never fail. Just size 'em up, throw them on, and start putting rounds on paper. Since passive ear pro relies on foam and sound-deadening material (sans the electronics), it's a more affordable choice compared to active ear pro, too. 

Getting passive ear pro to work means making it fit well. It your ear cups don't hug your ears quite right - or you struggle to keep your muffs on with your shooting glasses worn - they won't do the job of protecting your hearing. We took that frustrating guesswork out of the equation by testing out our passive muffs with the available shooting glasses we sell. 

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