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Spend  $100+ get a FREE pair of RANGE OFTEN SHOOTING GLOVES (size large)

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    Glock® Range Kit Glock® Range Kit 2

    Glock® Range Kit

    The official Glock® Range Kit: Professional ballistic eye and ear pro in one. You only have one pair of eyes and ears, and we ain't quite to Cyberpunk yet. That means when you pop off rounds downrange, you've got to wear a good pair of ballistic...

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    M&P® Harrier Shooting Glasses

    Certified protection with one-touch lens swaps. You’re sick of carrying around a bunch of shooting glasses for different ranges and weather? Put ‘em into one little kit. The M&P Harrier Shooting Glasses from Smith & Wesson use a...

  • Lyman Range Kit Pistol Starter Set Lyman Range Kit Pistol Starter Set

    Lyman Range Kit Pistol Starter Set

    Walking up to the shooting bench at your local range with your pistol's original, bulky, ugly plastic container is old hat. You want to show that snobby Range Officer that you're an experienced shooter, a smooth operator. That's what the Lyman Pistol...

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Ever take a piece of hot brass to the face? Fire a pot-shot at that polymer target on the ground, only to have a chunk o’ dirt and rocks fly back at the bench? The risks of suffering an eye injury at the shooting range are very real. You’ve only got one shot at protecting your optics (no pun intended), so you need to pick up a pair of quality shooting glasses – we tested a few so you don’t have to.

Fog-free Lenses, ANSI Impact Ratings

Those are some of the requirements we put up against our selection of shooting glasses. You want a pair of specs that’ll protect your eyes at the outdoor range just as well as indoors. The glasses we sourced from Howard Leight, Smith & Wesson, and Wiley X offer up features like 99.9% UV protection, shatterproof lenses with ANSI Z87.1 certification, and high-visibility clear lenses with color options for day and nighttime shooting.

Tested with Hearing Protection (so you don't have to)

How many times have you sat there at the range fussin’ around, trying to make your glasses play nice with your ear muffs? One can defeat the other, which makes them both useless. The glasses we test and sell are designed to pair up with your ear pro without issue.

We selected glasses with thin, low-profile, flexible frames that are comfortable. Need ear pro, toO? All the hearing protection and muffs we sell also come with soft, cushioned ear pads and adjustable straps that are made to interface with your eye protection.

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