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Shooting Gloves

Shooting Gloves

Mag thumb, “Garand” thumb, “stick-yourself -with-a-target-tack” thumb – forget all that. Every shooter knows you need a good pair of shooting gloves to protect your digits at the range. We live n’ breathe gloves at Range Often, so we set out to find the best gloves available. Our guys and gals took out different mitts to the local range, the skeet shoot, the hunting blind, and everywhere in between. We only offer a select few gloves, because we only sell gear that we'd personally use and trust when our fingers are on the trigger. 

Check out our Guide to Shooting Gloves. We cover material, fit, features, and what's best for the range.

Field-Tested and Designed

It's tough finding a good pair of gloves. After field-testing some top contenders, we found many gloves just don't fit well, they get in the way of a proper grip and trigger pull, or they're hot n' sweaty. So, we stuck to one or two gloves that are trusted by LEOs and military, like the PIG Deltas. We also decided to make what we humbly believe to be the perfect shooting glove. Check out the Range Often-branded pair and you'll find it has everything you need packed into a perfect fit with a great pricetag.

Measuring Your Glove Size

When you pick out a pair of gloves, be sure to record the length and width measurements of your hand. Nobody wants a frumpy glove, or one that’s too tight. To determine your length, measure the distance from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm. To determine width, measure the circumference around the widest part of your knuckles.

Reference the chart below to determine your glove size. This chart is specific to PIG's Full Dexterity Gloves but can be used to determine your hand size for all other available shooting gloves:



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