Shooting Rest

Shooting Rest

Whether you're sitting at the local indoor range or you're perched up in a blind in Pennsylvania's back country, investing in a shooting rest will up your accuracy, give your more confidence, and improve your odds of taking a trophy. Range Often locked on to a few quality options from names like CaldWell and Range Systems, putting them to the test. The shooting rests that passed offer plenty of stability and fine-adjustable configurations for a plethora of rifles and long guns. 

Benchrests, Free-Standing Rests & Tripods

For hunters who want to take a chance with that 300-yard Hail Mary across rough terrain, we suggest looking at CaldWell's Fieldpod MAX. It provides individually-adjustable telescoping legs with locking pan and tilt action, and the split frame lets you size it up for any bolt gun or box mag rifle. In the market for something simple but effective? The Lead Sled Solo's low price, steel frame, and beefy weight tray make it perfect for stabilizing that shoulder-punching .45-70 or shotgun while you grab a zero. 

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