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    Caldwell® Lead Sled DFT® 2

    The ultimate-precision Lead Sled, adjustable for any rifle. Most shooting rests offer simple up/down adjustments, but leave out the ability to really dial in your rifle while it’s strapped down. That’s what sets the Lead Sled DFT 2 apart from...

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Whether it's a rough cliff side overlooking the hunt, a crowded range in need of some extra space, or a benchrest that could use a little extra support, a proper shooting rest will help provide the stability and accuracy you need to take each shot with confidence. Tactical Made takes range days to field different shooting rests (prone, sitting and standing). The options we give passing marks to and offer for sale provide reliable adjustments with plenty of support, and each can easily accommodate most long guns and handguns alike.

Portable Shooting Benches

Everyone has a steady hand at the range while they're plinking. But experienced shooters know when the time comes to take a shot that counts, you want every little bit of help you can get. Whether you're just trying to zero or you're seconds away from taking that big set of trophy antlers, a portable shooting bench is the ticket to saving brass (and cash) and getting MOA accuracy while you're squeezing the trigger. 

The benches we fielded are lightweight, weatherproof, comfortable and precise. Sighting in a big-bore at the bench? Try a rifle rest like the Lead Sled DFT 2. It'll reduce that heavy recoil and get you on paper with one or two shots. Need a rest you can take anywhere and sit in all day? The Deluxe Shooting Bench from RangeMaxx has you covered. We even sourced ultralight tripods and sticks for shooters and hunters who take to the trails.

Easy-Mold Shooting Bags

Rolling up your pistol pouch as a makeshift shooting bag is amateur work. We found a few simple but effective (and affordable) shooting bags that work great indoors and outside in any weather conditions - no clumpy sand here. Try the Caldwell DeadShoot bag combo for precision and comfort shooting prone, or give the TackDriver bag a shot for that magnum-loaded bolt gun.

Monopods, bipods, and tripods

Want accuracy improvement that you can carry without any hassle? We've found what we think are some of the finest shooting monopods, bipods, and tripods. All the shooting sticks we offer provide easy adjustments - usually requiring only one hand - with rigid, lightweight and tough supports. Swap out the yoke/head for a camera mount or rangefinder, or rest up on it with your gunstock and send that first round downrange where it counts.

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