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Shooting Sticks

Shooting Sticks

"Never underestimate the mighty stick." -- Successful North American game hunters, probably.

It's true. The stick - a proper shooting stick, that is - provides you with a twofer: You get a nice hiking pole out of it, but more importantly, you get a mobile, adjustable shooting rest that stabilizes or crouched or standing shooting stance to noticeably improve accuracy. The shooting sticks we provide are all trail-tested. They're built from tough and lightweight materials, with high-quality adjustments and smooth yoke systems.

What, exactly, is a shooting stick?

A shooting stick is a simple stabilizer that a shooter can use to steady his or her long gun's barrel and muzzle. It looks like a ski pole or hiking stick, and most have rubber or spiked feet to provide a solid anchor against or in the ground. Shooting sticks are made to be adjustable based on position and height; some are made for crouched shooting, others for standing.

Why not just use an attached bipod?

Shooting sticks tend to be lighter than the average aluminum and steel rifle bipod. And, bipods can inhibit accuracy. If you're shooting without your bipod deployed, you're just managing extra weight that drags your barrel down. Most shooting sticks weigh between 1 and 2 pounds. They can be used as a hiking or walking stick rather than adding dead weight to your kit.

Popular sticks from BOG and Primos

We met up with BOG Hunt and Primos, two of the big names in the shooting stick game, to bring you popular and reliable options ranging from monopods to tripods: The Dead Silent, Havoc, Primos Gen 3 series, and other shooting sticks are ready to improve your aim, sight picture, and reaction time on the hunting trail or at the range.